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09 September 2020


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We're in the Bay Area. The sky is a deep red orange and eerie. The light coming in the windows is orange. It's dark in the house in the middle of the day. My husband said "I love living on Mars." We are leaving. We thought we'd go north to Seattle where my son lives but now there are fires and smoke there. We are going to take the risk of flying during a pandemic and go to relatives on the east coast. This very prolonged fire season in CA is due to climate change. Unprecedented fires in WA state are due to climate change. I encourage your readers to NOT vote for a president who thinks climate change is a hoax.

Between Covid-19 and wildfires, even the state bear is taking precautions:

I'm on the east coast, but I see the pictures and read the stories online. It is surreal. It feels like the entire country is just falling apart at its seams. Your deep love of home comes achingly through the words typed on a page. 54 Days.

My son is a firefighter from So CAL and has been called up to the fires north of Monterey. He is in an administrative position at this point, but still loves to go. Because of his position he may be asked to transfer from hot spot to hot spot as needed, so at times we have no idea exactly where he is, which is concerning, but we trust.

If only we had swept the floors. (insert huge eye roll)

I love California. I will be the person who shuts out the lights if everyone leaves... I LOVE my California. We have everything, mountains, shoreline, deserts, farmlands, nut jobs, think tanks, you name it...California's diversity is amazing and wonderful, and we'll get through whatever Mother Nature throws our way...because She loves it too!

My bother is currently fighting fires in California. I pray for the safety of all. We have had fires here in Colorado as well, but luckily we've had a blast of winter weather blow through, which has helped a great deal!

The fires are terrible in California. I can only imagine how it is for those who live there. Sending prayers for your family, Corey. Sending prayers for you.
With love...

Air is horrible at best. Luckily Fires are not close to Willows. But, I ask that you Pray for all who have breathing issues and our elderly. This is extremely serious. Just watched the local news and they say it's not safe for anyone to go outside. Stay safe and Blessing to all.

Praying for everyone and may the firefighters be protected..............
It is an ordeal that is breaking everyone's hearts.
Prayers for everyone.
May God protect us all
Love Jeanne

I was just reading on AP News this morning about the continuing California fires and noticed how close they were to Willows. We had been suffering from smoke from our own fires here in Colorado and I'm assuming also from winds bringing smoke from California, but just had a freak early freeze and snowstorm that seems to at least temporarily halted the worst. My thoughts are with your family. Keep us posted.

The fire devastation is horrific. Air is life and smoke filled air is, as you state, very dangerous. Rains can help, if only they can come soon. I pray for the safety of folks in CA and for rain.

My sister lives in CA and mentioned they have an orange sky. She has to have all the lights on since it is dark as night during the day. She is getting through it with music therapy and puts on the happiest music and sings along while cooking, cleaning, etc. Otherwise it is too depressing to experience on top of all the CV issues. My heart goes out to those who lost their homes. Praying for rain. Glad your family is OK.

The golden, rolling hills of California, hills the color of a lions mane.

In Oregon, we are also contending with unprecedented wildfires and smoke. A combination of unusually high winds, heat and very low humidity and a very dry summer has led to at least 4 megafires and many large wildfires in western and central Oregon. Here in Portland, the color of the sun (during the few times we can see it) and sky ranges from dark brown to blood red, and the air quality is extremely poor. Many Oregonians have had to flee for their lives and have lost their homes and communities. We cannot yet even estimate what the loss of life has been or will become. Although Oregon has had disastrous fire seasons before, what has happened in just the last 5 days eclipses any that have occurred in at least the last 120 years. Climate change is real, here and now, folks. I echo the last sentence of Lil's above comment. In solidarity with California and Washington, Leslie.

Here in Los Angeles, we wake up to a yellow gray sky of smoke; you ask yourself if it's just a sunset instead. It has been that way for days. It smells like burnt ash outside. This is no doubt the worst year I've seen. Thinking of people, thinking of animals domesticated and wild.

Last Sunday it was 122 degrees in the Woodland Hills suburb of LA, only 6 miles inland from cooling effects of the ocean, though separated by hills. It was an all-time record for LA County. Yes, good comment from Lil above.

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