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27 September 2020


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Well RebeccaNYC what a delightful post!! What an interesting life and a pleasure to meet you. I have probably seen you on stage. Lucia de Lammermoor when Nathalie Dessay sang it, Yoncheva in La Traviatta? and others...Your scarab headdress is everything! The arts are so important, thank you for being an essential part of the wonderful Met. And I hope you'll be back when all's clear. Then I can see you in a performance. PS - Corey in person is every bit as wonderful as you suspect.


I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Rebecca. What a whirlwind life--and your images and descriptions took me back to the nights I spent in an opera pit playing the fiddle, and the days in an opera costume shop sewing trim on gowns. I loved that atmosphere of comraderie you describe. Will go check out your instagram. Thank you again, and thank you Corey for this great idea of highlighting your readers. What a treat!


Rebecca this was enchanting as the first guest blogger for Corey, it was an absolute delight to read all about your life.
How fabulous.
I will be sure to follow you on Instagram.


Just incredible! What a life you had led, and thank you for sharing it! I clicked every link and enjoyed it all very much, I'm happy to say I am follower #760 on your IG account and after scrolling and clicking for the better part of an hour I look forward to viewing (and re-viewing) your content there!

If this is the beginning of your reader's content, what a fun it will be for me to read each post!


What an excellent post! Music is such an important part of life. Enjoyed immensely living your life through your post. You should write a book.

Donna Lundeen

Your career at the Met sounds like a dream job to me! Wonderful photos and descriptions of life at the Met. You took such an interesting route to the opera chorus; life sometimes works that way doesn’t it? I do hope you will be able to return to the opera, but if not, a year ( or more? ) in France would be the consolation prize. I hadn’t really thought before about all the costumes that may never be worn again. I worked for 8 years in the Pittsburgh opera costume shop (and sang in the chorus there,) And that represents an incredible number of man hours, making new costumes for new chorus members. I digress, thank you for this snapshot of your dream-come-true-career.


Love your post. What a great career! I used to work in the SF Opera scenic shop and I'd have loved to be in the chorus. If only I could carry a tune! Thanks. Loved seeing all the photos of you in costume.




Brava! What an enchanting person and wonderful story. Loved every last drop.

Linda McDaniel

Fascinating post. Thank you so much for sharing!


What a fascinating career!
I love hearing what other women end up doing and how they got there.
It never is a straight line. Then listening to chants on the way to sing opera. Love it all!

Ann of Avondale

Rebecca, WOW! Nice to meet you and read about your wonderful career. My husband and I love going to the Opera. Sometimes after an Opera production, I leave totally high from the experience. We usually go all out and dress up, I'll have my glass of wine at intermission and when we leave I am transformed by the whole experience. Cannot wait for life to go back to normal so we can go to the Opera, Symphony, and Ballet. Thanks for sharing your life and the wonderful pictures.


What a great post. I have been an opera lover since I was 13. It's wonderful to get a behind the scenes view. As a singer in a small community choir. I know how difficult performing can be. I can't imagine what it's like at your level. Voce8 is a fave. And Sunday mornings listening to Choral Concert on CBC is another. I hope France is in your future.

Ella Dyer

Bonjour Rebecca and Corey,

Thank you both for this fascinating read during my morning coffee. Rebecca, you'll probably find more than a few churches clamoring for your talents to be shared with their congregations. The Cantor of our sweet Holy Trinity in Nice was formerly with the Nice Opera and delights us on a weekly basis with his gift of song even though group signing is halted due to the virus.

Hope to meet you both whenever your travels bring you to the Côte d'Azur.

Vicki Perkins

What a wonderful inaugural guest post!

Christina Mifsud

Bravissime Rebecca e Corey! I thoroughly enjoyed this post and look into life behind the scenes of the MET. God bless creative souls like your own - and your energy you share with us all.....


Oh, this is going to be so fun! What an amazing and interesting first reader.
I wanted to ask Rebecca if she ever had the late Justice Ginsburg in the audience.


Womderful post Rebecca. Visuals and story are captivating and educational! Thank you!


Rebecca, your story deserves a standing ovation. Thank you!


Rebecca, so very lovely to meet you. Thank you very much for sharing your story with us!


What a fascinating life. How can I share my simple little life after this!!!!!!

Linda Vaias

I enjoyed the guest comments by Rebecca. I am sorry that she is in retirement now and not able to continue her singing with the chorus. She has given a wonderful story about the life she has spent. It has been a great time for her and she has a lot to remember. Few people are given such a great life as she has had. We are all jealous.
Glad to know she has done so well.

Denise Dineen

Wow, what an interesting life. Great idea having guest posts.

Teddee Grace

You're one of these people who seem to have lived several lifetimes in one! How interesting to read your story and see all of the wonderful costumes. Thank you for sharing and I hope you don't have to retire until you are really ready, but the French venture sounds like a whole new life as well. All the best.

Virginia D.

Rebecca, I loved your post! What a fabulous career! It brought back many happy memories for me as my daughter was in the children's chorus at the Met for a couple of years when she was a tiny singer. I loved waiting in the cafeteria, surrounded by the bewigged and bejeweled singers...I'm so sorry to hear about the Met's difficulties this year and hope that you can continue to perform. Best wishes for your upcoming year in Uzès.


Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for sharing. Not only what you've done but the clear joy you take in it is an inspiration.
In the coincidences common to the blog world, I am a physician at the University of Pennsylvania in the department of Ob/Gyn!

Linda Piazza

What an auspicious beginning for these guest posts! I am so appreciative of the richness, color, and LIFE you brought into my home this morning when last week delivered so many dispiriting experiences for us all.

Daniel Shigo

Rebecca, you write as beautifully as you sing! Fabulous blog! So proud to call you Friend! BRAVA!


Thank you all so much for your kind comments! You have really lifted my spirits during a difficult time. I should have mentioned that you can follow the activities of the Met Opera Chorus on Instagram and Facebook @metoperachorus or on our own blog: http://www.metchorusartists.com Even when we are not physically together, we're a pretty tight group and we are always up to something!

Thank you again Corey, for inviting me. I am really looking forward to reading others stories! Wishing you all the very best.


What an utterly fascinating career you’ve had. Such and interesting post and lovely to meet you.


Thank you for your amazing post! Such fun to read! Great to meet you.

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