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07 September 2020


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A friend came by last night with a basket of goodies (candle, fancy hand lotion, crackers, wine and a package of antipasto . She also brought a slice of apple pie for each of us to eat right then. We had a nice socially distanced visit on the deck.
So many people have been kind to me after my accident. I feel very loved, spoiled snd cannot fully express how grateful I am. Especially the neighbor who does my laundry and brings it back folded in the basket just like Mom used to do when I was a kid.

It's not much, because I've been a shut-in for six months now, but each day I've been trying to email someone I haven't heard from in a while, with a (comparatively) cheerful message inquiring after them during the pandemic. Only a couple people haven't written back thus far, while I've gotten replies from a lot of old friends I hadn't heard from for some time. So it's Win-Win!

To all the followers of this blog in California and Oregon, including the extended Amaro family, I hope you're finding ways to keep cool during your record-setting heatwave. Relatives and friends there have been telling me how unbearable it is to have to be outdoors at all.

Chère Corey,

Salut de Paris where I have the privilege to spend a few days in a historic flat (François Miron) I think 400+ years old. Now, if only I had more time to find a brocante :)

Your blog is a delight and I look forward to meeting you someday. For now, can I ask if I may share today's insightful image? I am on WhatsApp with a very positive group of healers sending energy to all and I believe this would delight everyone.

Je vous remercie en avance.

Bien cordialement,

I was in a long line at a coffee shop many years ago when a police car drove by. A young boy in the line looked at his mother and said "Mom, there's the police! Do you think they're looking for us? We better go out!" The mom got red in the face and looked flustered. She told everyone in line, "The police are not looking for us. My son's bike was stolen off the porch and we called to report it. He thinks the police are all out there looking for his bike." The adults in line for coffee smiled sympathetic smiles to the little boy, one man patted his head and said "I sure hope you get your bike back." It bothered me to know that this little boy was learning a difficult lesson. Boiled down, the lesson was that life is not fair, that people steal, that the cops are too busy to look for your bike, that bad things happen to good people. I thought about that little boy all day, about how he was going to be so disappointed, about that moment when a child's innocence is broken.

I went to the local "Benny's" store and got a bike with all the bells and whistles a bike could have (including a kyrptonite lock:) I put it in the back of my SUV and drove around the neighborhood by the coffee shop, just searching for any sign of the boy and his mom. Like it was meant to be, I turned a corner onto the main and there they were, walking down the street toward the coffee shop! I pulled up next to them and hopped out. "Exuse me, are you the little boy who lost his bike?" "Yes, he said, looking confused. "I overheard you talk about it in the coffee shop, I said. I want you to remember something very important, bad things do happen in this world, all the time." I opened the back of my SUV and took out the bike, set it in front of him. "But good things happen too." His eyes were wide as saucers, his smile just as wide.

Such beautiful stories of kindness.
Kindness is the special art of living with a loving heart.
I try and bring kindness into each day in every way I can as I know how very much it means to us all.
During these dark covid times many are isolated. Just reaching out with phone calls, cards, letters, emails, smiles a kind word can make a world of difference.
May God bless us and protect us all
Love Jeanne

You should follow these accounts on Instagram, they make me smile:)
In French: merci à un inconnu https://instagram.com/merciauninconnu?igshid=1pahhttcqe1s0
In English: thank you to a stranger https://instagram.com/thankyoutoastranger?igshid=i5u5vn2z6wx0

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