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14 September 2020


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Thank you, Corey


Yes. Thank you, friend.

Preach this to the hills and back! YES!

I try to read as many angles and differing views particularly because of bias. Sometimes things just don't feel right, even if they are swayed towards a perspective I usually support. The best way to figure out if something is "over the top", exaggerated, or if the focal point is just one part of a whole story or comment is to actually go back to the original source, read the "about" under the masthead, who is funding this or that format, understand the motive or agenda of the speaker or author. Even "our side" can be off or misleading, we need to know the truth before we pass it forward and cause more division or the stirring of an already hot pot.

Grampa always said "There will come a day when people will only pay for two things: Someone to respectfully bury their dead, and honest journalism. I think we are closing in on at least one of these.

Excellent advice, excellent suggestions. Thank you!

Who wrote the article in the paragraph above about looters? A fellow looter maybe..
How do you know some of the protesters weren't looting also? The protests didn't seem all that friendly to me.
Some of the protesters advocating for the BLM movement showed such a display of extreme hatred and disrespect. The worst I've ever seen.
How many bother to research these organizations as to who is running them, what is their cause, how and by who are they funded and where the monies go. People educate yourselves by all means.
Knowledge is power!

Thank you, Corey!

Excellent info, thankfully here in NZ, we are away from much of the fake stuff, but politics & often media the world over has its own particular slant on things, so your info is timely for us all. Cheers JP

Very well put!

Please remember that when you ask an "expert" and the "fact checking sites" they too have their bias. You can check the "fact" sites and who owns and runs them. When you read multiple newspapers these days you will see that they all have a bias one way or another. There is no more reporting of the standard, "who,what,when,where and why. If there is then "why" is the tricky part, loaded with bias.

At this point in your life, hopefully you have established values. Follow those.

About a decade ago I "fell" for a fake news article online, because it fed my biases. Luckily, I realized it was phony before I could forward it to most of my list (only one person received it from me, and I corrected the damage with a follow-up email right away).

It's so much easier to see through the posts we disagree with.

BTW, someone has coined a portmanteau word for the current situation -- an "Infodemic":

This really bothers me that we don't know what is fact or fiction. This means the lack of integrity and when that fails, there is chaos like what we are experiencing. Everyone one of us should be watchful of our own integrity, no such thing as a little white lie, what we say is honest and true to friends, family, co-workers, and everyone. God didn't say tell the truth sometimes or when convenient, he meant it, "Thou shalt not bear false witness...." At work, when I ask a colleague if a certain task is finished, they'll say yes then come to find out it isn't. I was counting on the truth. Then when I call them on it, they just blow me off. We are in serious trouble when truth on small and large issues is lacking.

Perfectly stated with helpful information.

Excellent, Corey. Don't get dupped, people.

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