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30 October 2020


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Another most interesting guest blogger and it's always a pleasure to read about your lives.
Thank you Corey for introducing us all

Sorry to hear you lost your love. Nice photos of Paris.

I enjoyed reading about your life, marrying your best friend is a sacred gift, I wish you only good things as you carry his memory with you.

I am not sure how you get anything done with this cute baby footsteps away, I think I would spend all day just munching on those cheeks and listening to baby giggles! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos and family.

Wonderful that you have a cute grandson to watch grow. Babies and toddlers are so much fun. Thanks for your post!

I love your photos, and reading about your wonderful trip to France.
Thanks for sharing your heart, your family, part of your story with us.

Corey – you have the most interesting friends! A joy to read Becky’s story.

Why she sounds downright delightful! I would so love to meet some of these ladies (in Paris of course.) Camp Corey!

thank you so much for sharing your story, and your beyond adorable grandson. xoxo

Lovely to know you Becky, very sorry for your loss, but what a lovely new grandson you have and many great memories with your husband and travel to come in the future...cheers from NZ. Jennie

What a lovely grandson!
After such a marriage the loss must be so painful.
Thanks for sharing your story.
Love from the Netherlands

This post had me at the old church and beautiful horse!!! Your life stories are wonderful to read, I feel a kinship and am so sorry for your loss.
I'm from Canada and also made one trip to France in my life (so far!) I travelled with my 4 sisters to retrace our Dad's footsteps in France as a young Allied Airmen in WWII evading the enemy through a strange land with the help of the French Resistance. Through zigzag backroads and hidden forests on paths less traveled we felt my Dad's spirit with us every step of the way. We discovered a woman in her 90's who had been the young resistance fighter who bravely hid Dad on her farm. We wanted to thank the brave people of France for saving his life and they in turn would hold their hands over their hearts and give their thanks to the young allies who streamed in from all over the world to come to their aid all those many years ago. My dream is to return to France again, when this world rights itself, and meet our dear Corey who has kept us all connected with her wonderful stories. Never stop writing Corey! xx

Beautiful, beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

What a lovely post. I feel I know you.

I second what Jackie said about “Camp Corey”. I would love to meet every one of your guest posters so far. Such an interesting cohort of like-minded followers. Becky, your garden looks lovely and your photos are beautiful. I hope each day gets easier for you since the loss of your “best friend”.

Becky! We are neighbors. I live just down the road in Oakdale. My dear friend Leslie Hurst...Hurst Ranch and Feed...and I traveled southern France painting. Corey welcomed us and we shared a delightful afternoon!
We share alot. My husband died this spring. We had been married 53 years. I, also, am writing a post to share but finding it hard to organize. You did a great job!

Hi Barbara, just now seeing this. I am deeply sorry you lost your husband. Happy you were able to travel with Leslie. I don't personly know her, but live just a short distance from the ranch. God bless.

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