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23 October 2020


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Always enjoy your responses to Corey’s posts. Please help me pronounce your name phonetically? Thank you for sharing your hood.

Thank you! I had no idea there are so many parks in LA neighborhoods! Your home is beautiful.

Thanks for the LA tour, love all the cafe's and your beautiful home. Only in blog world does this happen, people know each other virtually then there's an opportunity to meet in person and BAM - confirmed - kindred spirits. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the views of West Hollywood. I also enjoy your comments on French la Vie. Looks like you have wonderful art in your home!


What a wonderful walk through the streets of your neighborhood. What a wonderful way to organize your guest post!

I always thought Diogenes was a woman! I've come to love Diogenes and look for his responses, knowing they'll always be funny (and smart!) Great story and an amazing house.

Thanks for the tour. Wonderful to see new neighborhoods.

Diogenes, I was all excited when I saw you’d be featured today — “at last! I get to find out more about the mysterious Mr D!” But ha, you came through true to form and gave us a lovely creative tour ... and no biography. Why am I Not surprised. Thanks for contributing! Now I’m wishing for that latte.

Diogenes, what a creative name - and how amazing to know it’s somebody living in such a busy, buzzy place like LA. Your walk to an espresso place and then through all these wonder filled parks and places was music in my ears. I could never live in a place that never sleeps, but you made me see that, same as Paris and umpteen other places, one can find beauty, peace and relaxation everywhere. I think if we would meet, we would get along like a house on fire. Thank you for this walk with you and thank you for allowing Corey to share some views of your most beautiful home. Love it.

The one person who comments that I always wanted to meet, but still a mystery. Like the other commenters I eagerly search for that name. Never disappointed.
Thank you.

Please do another segment on Diogenes home and art. Would love to see more of it. Would be pleased with even a back of the head shot of him.

LA is another rich + special place in this world. I see why people migrated there. The light is beautiful in the winter especially.

This makes me miss the quirkiness of LA. It has been many years since I lived there. What fun to get a glimpse.

So is that a bust of Diogenes in your home? Is that your “real” name? If so I’d love to meet your mother?
I’ve always enjoyed your comments on Corey’s blog and feel like I “know” you. I would also like to see more of your home. Thanks for the LA tour! I’d love a latte with you!

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