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28 October 2020


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Jeanne, your kindness and joy, your zest for life, are evident in each line of this post. Thanks for telling us your story!

Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful post. It is a pleasure to meet you and your family!

I love all of your photos and your story, especially the photos of your wedding at 21 and of your grandson playing the violin. One takes me back and the other is simply beautiful. And I envy you living in Canada! Thank you for sharing your story. It's nice to 'meet' the author of so many kind comments on French la Vie.

Thank you Corey for this special privilege to be one of your guest bloggers.
Thank you everyone for the kind comments
Love Jeanne

My mom's name is Jeanne, and coincidentally she grew up in Detroit! This post was fun for me to read! LaSalle looks so beautiful! Thank you for sharing so much love in your words, your family is wonderful, and seriously? your grandson is adorable!!!

What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

You were beautiful then and even more beautiful now. Thank you for sharing your family life with us. I particularly loved your wedding picture with Robbie: you were such a gorgeous bride, and your grandson is just so darn cute. Very happy to know you, Jeanne.

p.s. I would have loved to go shopping with you at Christmas to the Hudson Maine Department Store, sounds like the kind of department store I would have truly enjoyed.

Really liked reading about your life. You've such a nice family. May god bless you! https://divineangelnumbers.com/

How lovely.

Truly enjoyed your post. And yes i recognize you’re name from comments made over the years. I love visualizing your life. I hope you get to visit Vietnam on the years your kids don’t come to Canada. Your country is definitely on my bucket list.

A "number 1-er" How cool is that? I wish the world was full of Jeanne's:)

My sister & I are best friends and talk on the phone every day. You might enjoy reading THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE THUNDERBOLT KID by
Bill Bryson who grew up in Des Moines, Iowa in the 50s. It will bring back lots of memories and it's a fun read. Your faith and love of family shine through in your post

my lovely friend Jeanne! She writes beautifully and she is a beautiful person. So thankful to be her friend even from the other side of the world. x

Hi Jeanne

Lovely to hear your story.

Where in Australia does your daughter live? I am in Australia - Melbourne.


Our daughter and her family live in Brisbane Australia Kathy.
Much love

That is a lovely place to live Jeanne. Much warmer than down here in Melbourne. I hope they enjoy it there.

Kathy xx

I have always enjoyed the contact with Jeanne over the years also.

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