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27 October 2020


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Judy, I loved reading about your life; you are a busy, talented person!

The photos of your sunny home, family, and Montana (my Dad was born and raised there) put a smile on my face.

Thanks for sharing!

So many beautiful treasure troves. I love to read every guest blogger's postings, as I always do Corey's. It is a pleasure to be introduced to you all.

you have your priorities perfectly set: friends/family first, vacuuming second.

I loved your stories. There is so much more there. The one-room schoolhouses! So funny that your dog took over the Christmas letter. This was fun and thanks for sharing.

Wonderful post! I so appreciate your humor. Lovely creations-such talent. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into youR life with us!

Beautiful creations! Love the Santa with fur and crazy quilt fabric, too awesome. You are wonderfully busy with groups, clubs, boards, friends, family and creating, I have to question any procrastination. Thanks for sharing!

ok -that wall of windows? GLORIOUS!

How fun you are, I would love to go out to lunch with you! I applaud your housekeeping mindset! You have a lovely family and a great life!

I'll take the grandson and the purple rug please...

PROCRASTINATORS UNITE! I was going to do so much in the past 6 months....none of it has gotten done. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and home!

Thank you for the chuckles!

Great post. I’m working on mine. I assume the wall of windows is that sanctuary we all need at the end of the day. Wow i love the view. I have collected Father Christmas for many years. Do u happen to sell them on Etsy? Beautiful family. I too start my morning off with a visit from Corey then i move on to the Daily skimm. Perhaps Bertha could add vacuuming to her repertoire!!!!!!

Loved your post! Humor is so important these days and there is so little to laugh about. I can definitely identify with you! I sculpt life sized Santas, love silversmithing, make books, collage, and am currently making leather journal covers. Talk about unfinished projects! You and I definitely see eye to eye on many things. Loved meeting you through your post!

Hey Jude!
You are a very productive procrastinator! Love your sense of humour.Keep on enjoying all your wonderful activities and lucky circle of friends.
Re:Housework "When you escape, keep running!"

HeyJude - I looooove your hooking! So creative and beautiful!

Love your rugs! On my too do list one day. Cape Breton in NS is known for their hookers which I discovered on a visit last October. Made me want to come home and start hooking. I haven’t yet so I’m a procrastinator for sure. And your grandson is adorable.

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