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06 October 2020


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Just wow, what a great personality you have, so much experience from so many different interests! I feel like I could ask you questions for days and still not know all you have lived, thank you for sharing your story!

p.s. Your story, combined with others who I know who have lived or still live in Boston, just confirms my thought that if I ever moved more than three hours from my family it would be to Boston. My husband and I visited Boston about 6 years ago and felt that same feeling that tells me it is a good place to *live*.

Hi Michelle, admire your big heart spirit. I always loved the idea of a Peace Corp and your story was inspiring. Also inspired by your other interests and achievements. It appears Corey's followers are women & men of exceptional character and talent. I am blown away by each bio. Thank you for letting us know about you and your rich life. .

Wow! Love the dogs and the quilts and the kids and it looks like you're having a lot of fun and doing a lot of good for others. Kudos for creating such a fulfilling life.

What a fun post to read! I was not expecting a giraffe in a picture with an ostrich as I scrolled down the page, how wonderful. Love your icon painting. And you have an antique shop...that's like catnip to me! Brocante seems to be a thread that brings many of us together. ;-)

Every guest blogger has been a pleasure to read.........Such interesting and fabulous lives.
Thank you for sharing
Blessings always to you all

Wow, what a fascinating, rich, generous and joyful life you are leading! Thank you so much for sharing with us, and Thank you Corey for introducing us to so many wonderful people! Can we have a Corey's Club "reunion" sometime? Wouldn't that be fun?

What an I inspiring post. Thank you foe sharing your slice of life.a joy to read

I have seen your name momof5 for many years, the name always intrigued me. You are a very talented lady. A pleasure to meet you.
Yes, Brocants, flea markets, antiques unite us all. Oh yes, and France....

What a busy bee you are Michelle...love the stories and the dogs and the many and varied pursuits you have. Ifor and I travelled to Kenya some years back to do work for the World Bank and we managed to escape to the Rift Valley and stayed at Lake Naivasha near where Joy Adamson had her camp made famous with the story about Elsa. I was amazed to drive along roads with all the animals around us and walk out of the house we were staying in to see buffalo over the fence and zebras not far away....surreal really. It is a breathtaking place to visit and though there was a lot to contend with in terms of corruption and poverty the people showed such resilience....it was a visit I will never forget....so thanks for reminding me of that part of the world....Cheers from New Zealand. Jennifer

Michelle, I have to say it: I love you.... You and i would go along like a house on fire. You love everything I love, you do everything I do and would do too and you have wild hair and a big smile, just I do too. I have no blog, I am ‘only’ on Flickr and I don’t do FB - so it’s only by my following some few blogs in which I frequently comment that i show some of my character. I have to say it again: You are my kind of girl. I am very good friend with ‘my English Quilting Queen’, another friend I found via Flickr (a photo site where I’ve been absent for over 2-3yrs now but will return to) has become a lifelong quilter friend with both my English friend and me too..... there are so many parallel lines. We are active Christians, have lived on 2 continents and several countries. I want to hug you and kiss you for everything you do. And of course, we share our love for dogs too..... much love, Kiki

Oh what a fascinating life you live. I can’t imagine keeping all of that organized. You are inspiring me to look into HOST/HOMES in my city. I love that idea. I too love the city, my city in particular (Dallas). However i did enjoy yours many years ago. My husband and i intend to do some traveling in the USA apres COVID. In the meantime we remain extremely cautious and read about people like through Corey’s blog. Thank you for sharing.

I was so excited to log on and read all about you. I have been following and enjoying Corey‘s for fifteen years although I rarely comment. I also make it a point to read your comments since I noticed you were from Boston. I live there also and my husband is also a member of BBF. When it’s safe, I hope to meet up with you in this beautiful city.

Thank you, thank you ALL for your warm welcome and lovely comments. I second Rebecca’s idea of a Corey fan club meet up! Wouldn’t that be fun? II know I would love every one of you! Dd when this crazy covid time is over let’s make a plan to get together. What a small world that you live in Boston and are married to a fellow BBF guide! And Jennifer, I took my family to Lake Naivasha. We wandered around with giraffe’s and kept a look out for hippos. Didn’t want to unexpectedly meet up with them. As for the wild hair... it has it’s own ideas. You can blame Corey for those photos as I did not include them. 😏 I do have an IG account mhomer5 as well as fb for anyone who is also on those platforms.

an inspiring post. thank you!

Corey, you truly need to have a zoom meetup. You seem to attract similar sorts....
Michelle, I'm a newfie owner and rescuer, a quilter, my boys live in Boston and of course, I love antiques and old religious items. The hardest choice I ever had to make was to spend my money on an old nun doll or a cathedral window quilt: I chose the nun!
Would love to stop by your antique booth or take your tour someday.

Loved reading your story, Michelle! Such an interesting and full life. Corey's followers are the best!

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