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13 October 2020


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Happy Birthday to your precious Mother. What a beautiful dedication to her.
God bless her always
Love Jeanne

Happy Birthday! Your mom is stunningly beautiful and so talented!

How absolutely beautiful! I'm so very overcome with joy for you and your family. A most Blessed and Happy Birthday to your amazing Mother.

What an amazing human being, all these things you write of and such a snappy dresser to boot! When you quoted her to say “for crying out loud...” that hit me home of my mother who always said that. Happy birthday and many happy returns!! xx

Happy Birthday to your mom. Can see the love especially in the kitchen, the center of love. Blessings to you, your mom, and family.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to your wonderful, beautiful Mom!!! Wishing her every happiness that life can bring. xoxoxoxox

Dear Corey, I met your Mom years ago at the store. I remember thinking, "This is a strong woman," and I wanted to be stronger. I asked my niece about her. "Oh Delores, she said, she is the hardest working women, I just saw her driving her truck with some gardening stuff from the church." I know she will have a lovely Birthday. A warm October day to sit outside and visit with her family. Happy Birthday, Mrs Amaro!

Happiest birthday to you mom, Corey!! How wonderful is that to have a lovely family as hers ❤️🌹❤️

I think I just fell in love with your mom!

What a wonderful life she has led, full to the brim with all the important things, faith, family, service, and love.

Happy Birthday to Corey's Mom!!! I hope it brings her much joy!

Happy Birthday to your Mother!

though i have never met her, your mother is one i have admired since first meeting her on your blog.
my mother passed in 2001 , but how i love mothers of friends.
though not a word i have spoken with her, nor a second spent together, i see her as calm and resolute, yet a firecracker of sorts. with talents galore, a giving,sharing, fun and very loving woman. i admire her from your loving comments about her.
i appreciate this post most of all. i am happy you had your 2020 season together. it sounds whole, loving, warm and wonderful.
cheers to the both of you.i am happy for your relationship. prayers for continued birthdays spent sharing your love.
xoxo jody

Happy Birthday to Corey's very cool, very classy mom!! This post was such a delight to read. Pomegranates - I remember tasting those the first time from a tree as a teen. I couldn't believe something that tasted so wonderful was just growing there to be picked. Love the picture of the four of you too.

Happy Birthday to your amazing mom!!

Love seeing all these wonderful pictures...have a very happy birthday Aunt Dolores xoxo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY-- HAPPY DAY-- HAPPY YEAR-- HAPPY LIFE! All good and happy wishes for a woman I feel I know! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happiest of birthdays to your mom Corey.
You and your family are so blessed indeed!

I love this, loved reading every single word!!
Thank you for sharing your mom, her spirit, with us.
Happy birthday to your remarkable Mom!

Bom aniversário, Dolores!

BTW, we have the same pink-and-blue stripe mixing bowls -- love 'em!

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Mrs. Amaro! And many happy returns.

Happy Birthday to your dear mom, Dolores!
I loved that I have met her when traveling through on I-5.
xoxo m

Your Mom is beautiful. I wish her the happiest of birthdays.

Happy B-day Delores!!!!! You are a Pillar in your Family and this Community. I send you Birthday Blessings and Happiness for many many more years. Birthday Wishes, Vicki

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Amaro!!!😘

Happy Birthday, to your dear mother, Corey. Such a beautiful tribute on her special day. Your family will all be together in spirit.

Joyeux anniversaire! And, thank you for being a parent; Corey is a gift.

How could your mother not be wonderful! As well, today is our darling daughter's birthday. Brava to each!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Amaro. Thank you for allowing us the honour of getting to know you through Corey.

Happy belated birthday to your lovely and delightful mom. Cheers, Mrs Amaro, and good wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

The most beautiful love letter ever! Happy Birthday mum! It's my birthday too, but today, October 14th, so I think we're one day apart. But we are a good lot, aren't we?!
All the best, every day and may God bless and keep you for much, much, much longer - I'm sure you will for many years to come be the whirlwind and blessing for all around you.
With a loving heart, Kiki


I can’t imagine being a member of such a large loving family! How rewarding it must be to be the matriarch of such a family. I wish her the HAPPIEST of birthdays🎂 The last phrase, what will be will be, I’m copying for my bulletin board to remember and reread. Thank u for sharing Corey.

Happy Birthday, sweet Mama!!! May your day be filled with blessings!!

Corey, your Mom is a true delight, a one-of-a kind and deserves this loving, heartfelt honor of a post from her daughter who loves her so much. It is the simple things that find their way into our hearts and mean the most. Birthday wishes to your Mom...

Happy Birthday, Corey's mom. I say that I only need to hear happy birthday from my mom and that is enough of a birthday celebration. Moms need to only hear it from their children, I'm sure.

Happy B-day to Corey's Mom! A remarkable woman. She, I am sure, is the center of the universe for the family. She is totally inspiring. Enjoy your day, B-day girl.

Happiest of birthdays Corey’s Mom! CoCo, your mom is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen (so no wonder you’re beautiful because you look so much like her!. Please tell her I think she has the most gorgeous head of hair, if mine looks like that at her age I will be so happy. You and I are the same age but my mom died six years ago, and Oh! what a treasure you have still today. Hugs!

Happy Birthday Mrs Amaro, Mom, Va. And thank you for sharing your birthday with friends from around the world! Have a wonderful day
Stephanie M

What a wonderful gift for your mother and the memories created by her. She is a marvel as you are, Corey. I think of so often. With love to you and your family.

The most beautiful words about your darling Mother...what a blessing it was for the 2 of you to have the time together. I totally believe things like this happen for a reason...Happy Birthday to your Mother! ❤️

Corey, please accept my sincerest birthday wishes to your very remarkable mother! Her energy and flair have been passed on to an equally amazing family, especially to her loving daughter.

Dear Corey, LOVE - LY. Your showing of love brings JOY to my heart. Cheri

Happy Birthday from one of your admirers in Oregon, Mrs. Amaro! 🎇🎈✨

Happy Birthday Mrs Amaro. Corey what a wonderful tribute to your dear mother.
Thank you for sharing.

Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom! Sending best wishes that happiness will be with her on her special day and always. Such a blessing to have her still with you Corey!

Tears streamed down my face as I read your birthday tribute to your mother. Intertwined tears of joy for your blessings, mixed with tears of longing for my own. May you continue to celebrate these birthdays for a long, long time.

I'm catching up a bit on emails, including your posts. You are so blessed to have a family such as yours. Belated birthday greetings to your beautiful, soulful, wise mother.

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