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01 October 2020


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Hi Jennifer! Love your home and garden...those rhododendrons (I think they are) are beautiful. I can tell we could be great brocante buddies...I love the Marche Aux Puces de Saint-Ouen too, though it's not cheap they have some great quality stuff. I hope to make a pilgrimage Ile-sur-Sorgue brocante heaven one day. New Zealand would be nice...too it looks lovely in your post!

Snow! (but I'm sorry about the lambs) and nearly Covid free! So different from here in the Bay Area where precipitation is about a month away and it's dry and hot. Nice to see your photos and hear what life is like there! Thanks.

What a lovely read! I admit to being a tad jealous of all your travels, how wonderful that you have brought a small piece of each corner of the world into your home!

I have to laugh about the video you shared! A good friend of ours spent a couple of years in New Zealand and my brother actually spent a couple of years in Australia...both speak extremely fondly of their different experiences in what they presumed were "English" speaking countries only to realize they didn't understand just how varied "English" can be!

Thank you for sharing you blessings and struggles, both have helped me today.

I am loving your guest posts, Corey! It's lovely to get to know other folks here!

If we are interested in posting a guest post, do we just ask?

Another great treat. This time from down under. Thanks Jennifer for sharing a bit of your welled traveled life with us. Your country is on my have to visit list. It looks as if a tour of your home would be a treat with all your special treasures.
Thank you.

Dear Corey and Jennifer,

Thank you for sharing this delightful guest post; I have never been to New Zealand but, now have an urge to travel(and the Prime Minister is most impressive)!

Jennifer, I would love to connect with you as you mentioned your husband's work in Palestine. Our "adopted" son was born in Jerusalem; as a result we have a very different viewpoint on the middle east than many.

Bonne fin de semaine from the Côte d'Azur,

Jennifer,Hello from Perth.Thank you for sharing your very personal story and beautiful photos.

Nice to meet you Jennifer. Are the flowers like this in all of NZ, they are beautiful. We had a visiting priest from NZ in our parish who would often mention the shepherds in his homilies, we loved him.

Thank you everyone for your positive feedback and encouragement. It is lovely to be part of this blogging community courtesy of Corey, and strange and intriguing to see my little story being shared.
The flowers are Rhododendron's and they do thrive profusely in many gardens and parks in NZ...we have the sort of climate here and I guess, the soil that they like to thrive in.
For now, it is not possible to travel to NZ, we are nearly Covid free, but it is still coming across our border as Kiwi's come back from overseas and go into arranged isolation...my stepson is currently doing that after returning from the UK. So for now, we are doing our best to fight this nasty virus and tourists cannot come to visit, but I hope in the not too distant future you will all make a pilgrimage to our fair shores and enjoy the countryside and the people.
I have visited the Bay Area several times, loved it and part of my visit was tracking down the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings...I am a big fan. So I also have very fond memories of San Francisco and surrounds!
As for the beautiful market in Paris, I could have filled a ship with all the pieces I liked...but I came home instead with a lovely piece of old textile, something that would fit in my luggage..I did not see so many Brocante markets, due to time restraints, but that is something I would still love to do.
Cheers from New Zealand....Jennifer

Jennifer, I have loved New Zealand since I spent more than several very long layovers exploring it while I was flying as a purser for Pan American World Airways. As far as I can tell, the country has only become better, without losing its lovely, diverse charms, since then. Although I may never get to act on my enduring wish to emigrate to New Zealand and live on the South Island, I hope to at least spend several long sojourns there during the rest of my life. You are most fortunate to be a New Zealander.

In reading Jennifer's post it brought back so many memories of visiting New Zealand many years ago. In Nelson I had afternoon tea with the spinning and weaving group in a historic old house. I will never forget that. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

Thanks Marilyn....it may be that you visited Broadgreen House, which is a Cob Cottage, it is a much loved landmark, which my Dad helped out at for many years and helped fund raise for....here is a link, perhaps it is the one you visited? https://www.nelsontasman.nz/visit-nelson-tasman/plan-your-trip/activities/2880-broadgreen-historic-house

Glad you had a good visit in NZ....Cheers

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