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07 November 2020


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Hi Anna, beautiful calligraphy! For our wedding invitations, I had someone hand print names & addresses on the envelopes in calligraphy, it was a work of art. I admire your skill and patience that you have to be a master calligrapher. Hopefully you can make it to the west coast soon, it is a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful! Your work is so lovely to read. Makes me think of Ben Shahn's calligraphy.

I loved your blog posting. I love calligraphy too......especially Asian calligraphy
Thanks for sharing your posting and thanks Corey for introducing us all to your guest bloggers

Ohhh Anna this was beautiful. What a joy to read and so visually stunning! Calligraphy is much more difficult than I imagined when I tried to do some for my daughter’s wedding. But I love the play, play, play part! It’s been such a pleasure getting to “know” Corey’s fans. I would love to know everyone one of you in person!

Dear Anna,

Hello and thank you for sharing this fascinating talent you have with us. Yes, Corey is a ray of sunshine and her blog is one of the first things I read each morning when waking up in France. I'm hoping to meet her someday!
A quick question, I wonder if you know our dear friends from South Bend (I know, needle in a haystack!) Susan and Phil, they too have been married for 50+ years but are Perdue fans so maybe not.
One never knows how small the world may actually be.
Bon dimanche à tous,

Anna, such talent, such skill, such patience!!!!! I am fascinated by the mix of calligraphy and art. I took lessons many many years ago but sadly it didn’t last. Thank you for sharing.... BTW I like your term “Covid Cloistering” it’s more calming.

Your art is amazing! It must bring you great joy. Thank you for sharing.

Your calligraphy is mesmerizing! I enjoy looking at all forms of calligraphy and follow many different calligraphers on IG, I wish you had an account there -I'd follow in a heartbeat! Your dedication to your art has proven your skill -just wow! Your words here are so poetic and lovely. Someone once told me "You know the artist by what they produce." Your art combined with the words you choose to calligraph show a woman who is at peace with the world and has a defined connection to the Spirit.

I agree with those above who admire, and now prefer, the term "Covid Cloistering"! Such a beautiful way to switch the perspective of this situation! Thank you!

Delightful post and fabulous opening line! Thank you for sharing your life and amazing talent. Lovely way to start my morning.💕

Thank you, dear and lovely readers/fans of Corey —-your kind words have warmed my heart. We certainly are a Blessed Bunch to be in Corey’s circle, and, yes, I imagine we would all be friends if we knew one another. Corey is the tie that binds. I’m deeply grateful!

You are now the second guest writer to live in Indiana. You and I probably live about 30 minutes apart. I live in a small town south of Meijer on 331. ☺️ My SIL’s grandfather was Doc Bodnar who spent 40 years as the team doctor for the Univ of Notre Dame football team. Small world. Thank you for sharing your beautiful caligraphy.

Jan—-Do you live in Wakarusa or Bremen? Are you related to Matthew Bodnar? He was one of my Montessori students when he was 4 years old....early Eighties. Small world — I love it! Thank you for connecting!

I enjoyed your story so much. It also reminds me of how small of world we live in and how we have more in common than not. My grandparents were from Bavaria, my daughter lived in South Bend and went to Saint Mary’s, and my sister Linda lives in Willows (Corey’s hometown in Cali).
We all are connected thru the amazing journal of Corey’s blog. It is good for our hearts and health.

Anna - Matt is my son-in-law! I just sent Matt a link to your post and a screenshot of the comments. He was tickled and immediately knew exactly who you were.Now he’s letting his mom know. How fun is that? Matt and Jordan have 2 girls—6 y.o. Charlie and 4 months old Quincy. M & J are both elementary school teachers in PHM and Mishawaka. I live in Bremen, originally from Maine. Thank you for replying. It made Matt’s and my day.

Jan —-I’m smiling and delighting in this connection. (Thank you, Corey!!!) Please give Matthew and his mom my best. So happy to hear a bit about his life, career and family. So wonderful!. I can still see his sweet little 4 year old face. Thank you, Jan —- YOU made my day!

Julie —Yes...Corey’s blog is good medicine for hearts and health—and amazing connections. Thank you!

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