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29 November 2020


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Another fabulous post by another guest blogger.
How I enjoy reading about all of you and thank you for sharing
and thank you Corey for introducing us to everyone.

Thank you Andrea, I enjoyed your story and love the beautiful fabrics you weave, also your reference to Nora Ephron!

Oh your work is so beautiful! I have always wanted to learn how to weave. I once visited a Castello in Lucca, Italy with my sister which we enjoyed imagining what it was like to live there, but the absolute highlight was in a side wing where a weaving coop had set up about 10 ancient looms, which they were still using. We were the only ones visiting that day, and we got a detailed tour of the looms and their yarn stash. We were in HEAVEN! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

I can't get over the woven fabric you create, they look so soft and luxurious! I had a friend years ago who had an enormous loom in her front room, it was all that could fit in there, anyway she, like you, said it was her happy place to meditate and release the from the world. I have admired this skill for years! Thank you for sharing your with us!!!

Thanks Andrea for sharing your beautiful work and biography. It is always so interesting what serendipitous events steer our passions and influence our creativity. I admire your sense of color and design as well as craftsperson ship.
The variety is dazzling. Congratulations on all of your beautiful creations. XOXO JB/LA

What a fascinating life you have lived and are still living. I could get lost in your beautiful fabrics.
The colours are mesmerizing.
Thank you.

Lovely to read about your family and journey to date....the textiles are very beautiful, so you must keep on creating and sharing them around....thanks for letting us share some of your life story...cheers from NZ

Another creative artist. Your weaving is stunning. If you did sell your work I’d be first in line. Thank you for sharing!

I love your woven pieces. Would you come to visit me so that I can have one of your hand towels?

Your work is totally amazing!
I loved that you went to FIT. It was a dream, but I went to a smaller design school close to home. Keep on doing what you do, it is wonderful!

your work is so gorgeous!

Wonderful fabrics woven with an interesting life story !

Another wonderful post by another creative spirit. I love your weavings, such beauty and creativity with your colors. I’m a color person. I sometimes look @ IG and see all those white and grey rooms and think that might be nice. And then I see vibrant textiles like yours and I say no way! Thanks for sharing your art and craft with us and I’m happy your grandson will cherish your fathers instruments! I also enjoyed your memories of. NYC. The village was a different place then. Michelle (aka momof5)

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