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20 November 2020


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Surrounding you with prayers, Cy—that your health be fully restored —-that your Venice dream —all your dreams, come true.

Beautiful story Cy.
Wishing you all the best.

What a wonderful surprise to see this morning! A person who loves and trusts God. Thank you for posting the scripture. Loved reading about your life and seeing God's glory in your face. Praying for you Cy. Teresa Cesario

How blessed to live in France and travel other countries. Your are surrounded by God's beauty and love. Thanks for the scripture passage, a reminder for us during this time of uncertainty. Take care and thanks for sharing.

I, for one, find your life fascinating. I have been plotting my move to France for about 50 years and you've done it. I took a sharp breath in when I got to "fighting uterine cancer," it broke my heart. Sending you healing thoughts. I say retire to Venice and write a book.

I have loved EVERY SINGLE GUEST POST.....I have not commented on them as I usually comment on Corey's posts....I think that is because I am barely surviving all that is happening in my life right now - I admire your guts for writing the guest post … I do not have the courage to do so at this time but have enjoyed them all immensely-all this to say I cried reading your post - I admire your courage- your outlook- your strength -YOUR FAITH sharing that passage at the end is something I really needed today! I will keep you in my prayers daily and hope Venice is in your future as you well know life has a funny way of working out! Peace be with you and may GOD bless you protect you and heal you!! YOUR POST WAS INSPIRING THANK YOU!!

Cy, Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing that scripture. It's such a blessing to know and live that truth. May God heal your body and allow more time to enjoy the beauty of His creation in Venice!

what an inspiring post. I believe the answer is already known just not to us yet. But the blessing is always there sometimes unexpectedly.
Bless you in your healing a

Imagine my delight when enjoying my second cup of coffee I see my friend Cy on Corey's blog! What a wonderful AND interesting story my dear; I look forward to more fun times together with the American Club of the Riviera.
Here's to health, happiness and following our dreams.

Your fan,

Thank you again Corey for engaging the community!

Mercy, your life is amazing and I am so glad you shared! I, as others above have stated, loved reading your scripture. It's so true, I am glad for your testimony and faith. I will add you to those I pray for, I believe in prayer! I have hope that you will win this fight and again, as others, I wish for you to just move and retire to Venice!

Greetings Cy, Jennifer in NZ here and I just want to say how nice it was to read your story, you are doing great work under difficult circumstances. I trust you will continue to recover from your cancer and be able to find a way to make your dream come true to live in Venice..that sounds like a magical idea! It happens to be one of my all time favourite places too...a very long way from NZ, but I have managed to visit twice and will hope to do so again when we are past this Covid horror.

Keep on keeping on a stay away from germs!

Best festive wishes from New Zealand

Just a wonderful post!!! I need to write my story soon. I live in Dallas, Tx (a covid hot spot) and it consumes my day with worry. Your post especially the scripture reminded me to settle down and pray. Your life has been so interesting, let the icing on the cake be retirement in Venice. You forget to tell us how many languages you speak? Praying for a return to good health!

Greetings from Kansas! I love the chemo shirt. Having been through having a port for chemo treatments I can definitely see the advantage in having a shirt like that. I think retiring in France would be wonderful! I hope you continue to regain your strength and live a wonderful, magical life!! Blessings!

a beautiful post. sending light and love your way, Cy.

Greetings from the Netherlands. And thank you for the look in your life. Hoping your health will return

Oh, you have lived my dream. We have visited Cagnes-sur Mer. Normally we spend two months in the South of France. Having
done so for the last ten years. Not this year though.
Thank you for being brave and writing your story. Alas, I am not so brave.
My thoughts are with you as you go through your journey to health.

MERCI to everyone who commented!!
And a big thank you for your prayers.
Thanks to Corey for making my story come alive. God bless you all. Cy xx

Thank you for telling us about your life, Cy. Your story resonates with me in so many ways, and I'd like to read more of it. My prayers for your full return to good health will join those of so many others. 😘

I loved your story, although the part about fighting cancer made me cry. I think you live in a wonderful part of the world - it will help you heal.Love, Liese

Thank you for sharing here, you have had rich experiences!

I, too, love Venice. Looking forward to visiting after Covid restrictions ease.

I'm an Alaskan, living in Zurich, these past 14 years. I understand about being a 3rd culture person, for sure.

I believe in the power of prayer, and will say a prayer for you, as soon as I press send.

All the best, and God bless you!

Sending my prayers, too, to join those of others. I always admire resilience, which doesn't mean that we're always happy, and you seem one of the resilient ones.

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