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10 November 2020


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It as a pleasure to read your beautiful posting.
I find each guest blogger fascinating and they each bring a different perspectives from their lives.

No need for glamour, you are a hero. Thank you for your inspiring post.

Oh my - and you say you are intimidated by all those formerly posted GLAM lives? Come on Jean, you have led a stunningly wonder-filled and ever-so-worthwhile life and you don’t even show nearly your actual age. You can only look the way you do when you’ve led a life filled with inner beauty and goodness. You will never need a treatment, you shine with what you ARE.
A beautiful guest post - thank you for sharing. You will be happy knowing that you now finally have a worthy president and VICE who will help to make your life’s work matter even more.
Many greetings from Switzerland.

I very much enjoyed reading your post! Thank you for your work to help others-wonderful accomplishments to celebrate.
All the best as chair of your organization. I, too, anxiously look forward to the day we can travel again. Take care, Jean.

Love your inner child and your giving nature. You inspire by helping others and that is most admirable from my perspective. Thank you for sharing.

You are an inspiration -mercy what a life serving and lifting others! I am so impressed that you have opened so many doors for people who have needed assistance, you're really creating a better community and world! I love how your knowledge and service brings you so much joy- you are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your inspiring life!

I wish you lived next door

Jean!!! What an inspiration you are! Thank you for this most wonderful post!!!

Corey, I am so much enjoying your guests’ posts. This last is no exception. Wonderful women all. I hope your countrymen ( and women!) are relieved after the election. Not that that HE will go down without a fight. My friends and I here in Canada are thankful for the outcome.

Chère Jean,

I must agree with others, your accomplishments are amazing, not to mention a bit intimidating too! Thank you for the service you've rendered so many others throughout your 80 years of luck (as I say our age just reminds us how lucky we are because one doesn't grow old without luck!).

Thank you too Corey for sharing your readers' stories, which like everyone else, I'm enjoying immensely. May today's remembrances bring us hope for a more peaceful future.

Bonne journée à tous from sunny Nice,

Gosh - your life has been full of generosity and future-proofing for many others, you are glamorous but you are most importantly a good soul and that is the best and most important thing...well done and keep on keeping on....with greetings from New Zealand! Jennifer

You've led an impressive life of such accomplishment. You are both an inspiration and an example. As Susan said, I wish you lived next door.

You are an amazing human being, my friend. Thank you for sharing your story.

Strength-Compassion-Curiosity you have it all!

it is amazing to me that most of these women, who are your guest bloggers, are so ordinary. yet every one of them, and every one of us, are doing extraordinary things without thinking that it is. they all seem to have just "lived their lives" and yet enriched us all in so many differing ways.

Oh my Jean... what a wonderful life you have led in your 80 years young!!! I also have worked with families experiencing DV and I also work with refugees and totally understand how inspiring that work is. Also for the past few years I’ve volunteered registering newly naturalized citizens to vote. I love their excitement in becoming American citizens. You have created such a wonderful life for yourself. Wish you lived close enough to get coffee/tea together. Happy 80th!

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