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30 November 2020


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Fabulous guest blog posting as they all were.
Thank you for sharing your interests and your flare for creating beautiful things is so wonderful

Thanks Corey for introducing us to so many wonderful guest bloggers

Your photos and words are inspiring and your sculptures and paintings are beautiful. How large are your paintings?

Imaginative and beautiful what you produce from plastic. And your new city San Miguel de Allende is still on my bucket list

Your artwork is amazing!
Yes, I know about being told to take typing. Me too!
How lovely that you packed up and moved to Mexico.
I love when people follow their hearts.

Your art is incredible! I love each piece and the message behind them! Glorious! I am so happy you followed your dreams, they have rewarded you well!

My mother had me taking booking keeping classes...maybe that is what I needed to stand my ground like so many young women and take a different path.
Brava Kambria.. and thank you for being a guide to many for following dreams.

How wonderful. I know that feeling of having to create. I also was told that I needed to learn to type, to this day day I can barely type because I refused to learn properly. However I’m still creative. That is something that you never lose. Gorgeous paintings and a very important message.
Thank you....

Dear Kambria,

Lovely works of art and such a powerful way to repurpose plastique. Perhaps you know a local artist Michele Connor; if so, tell her I said hello from France.

And thank you again Corey for sharing your blog, life and community with all of us.

Bonne journée à tous,

What a wonderful post. Your work is mesmerizing. Thanks so much for sharing, I'm happy you we got to meet you and peak into your world.

I find your art very impressing, and I'm glad that Corey has given us the chance to see how many talented,courageous and powerful women are out there !

You are an asset to the planet with your repurposing plastic and I love your paintings as well.

Thanks for all the kind comments. It really has been a gift to see how interconnected all of us are through Corey.
To answer Ella Dyer...I do know an artist Michele here in SMA! Although, I don’t think her last name is Connor. The Michele I know is French and paints like Gustav Klimt. I’ll try to find Michele Connor and give her your greetings.
To answer Lil...most of my paintings are 12” x 19”. Easy size to store and send. 😁 I admit, I’m tempted to work larger.

Such fascinating wonderful clever artists who follow Corey. I love the idea of using plastic to make art. I am an artist wannabe but not as visionary as Kambria.

Thank you for sharing

Kambria-I enjoyed your guest post. Your use of plastics as a medium in your art work is especially effective in helping us think of our over-consumption. Thanks for sharing. Marty

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