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13 November 2020


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Another fabulous post from a guest blogger. Thanks for sharing and thank you Corey for introducing us to all these lovely people.

Merci, Corey et Jeanne!

You planned to learn just enough Portuguese to travel to the Azores and you became fluent enough to become a translator?! That's something! And your visit to France sounds wonderful. I will have to explore your links to the books you've translated. Thanks!

Just wow, what a journey! I followed your links and read your genealogical journey and I am stunned! I think you could add "Detective" to your resume after that bit of sleuthing! Thank you for the link, the recipe, and the fun read!

Obrigada, Lil e Penni!

I was surprised that I needed a lot more Portuguese than expected in order to conduct my research in the Azores' vital records.

Even as a child, I loved solving puzzles (word, number, and physical). And reading the Perry Mason mysteries, and watching the TV series.

fascinating! I admire your many accomplishments.

Thank you, Sue!

Hello Kathie, I well remember Corey’s posts and her beautiful photos about the yearly Portuguese Festa in Willows and also your comments over the years on her blog. I admire your ability to learn a new language! That is something I’ve always had no aptitude for and I’m sorry for that. I enjoyed your guest post and reading about your translations and travels. Michelle

Have followed your wonderful concise comments on Corey’s blog for years. You are a powerhouse. Glad to meet you.
Corey, another fabulous contribution to your blog.

Thank you both for your kind words, Momof5 and Ali!

Part of learning another language includes deciding HOW to go about it; in my case I took formal college coursework, because an excellent program just happened to be available to me at the university where Farmboy Husband taught (plus I got nearly-free tuition).

However, for starters you might like to try singing along with songs in the language of your choice, following the lyrics online and mimicking the vocalist(s). E.g., if it's French you seek to learn (both language and diction), you could do worse than Édith Piaf, Jacques Brel and Charles Aznavour's classic pieces, videos of which are on the internet (including YouTube).

Bonne chance!

Mahalo, Muito Obrigada, Merci Kathie for this life story ...so many connections to your story and my own ‘ohana...both my mother’s and father’s family origins begin in Azores through Boston, Cali, then Hawai’i 200 hrs. Ago...I lived in Berkeley in 70’s while my Cali cousin earned her degree...Learned French first then Hawaiian and lastly Pidgin Portuguese...my bucket list includes the Azores and Lisbon where my Hubby’s’ohana came from...
Mahalo Corey for years of sharing your inspiration and humor...Aloha Nui Loa

Mahalo, Leialoha! I'd love to read more about your family story here, too.

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