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23 November 2020


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Your blog posting was very lovely and full of adventure.
Keep well and thank you for this lovely insight into your life.
Thank you Corey for introducing us all to your lovely friends all over the world.
Love Jeanne

Lovely post! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of your life. It's always fun to see how we are connected to Corey and Yann!

I remember when Corey wrote about meeting Lieselotte. What a special connection and friendship.

Your surroundings are stunning! I could gaze at all that green for years! I enjoyed reading about your adventures and I am glad you are taking the time to care for yourself after you have taught so many others. Depression is a slog, it's mean, and most importantly -depression is a liar. Please know that whatever your head may be telling you might not be true, things will turn around, and you deserve as much time as it takes to just feel like your true self again. I am sure you would do anything for those you love; be that person for yourself, do whatever you need and know you are loved for who you are right this minute, without any changes or alterations you are completely and fully loved.

I am glad to hear you have a loving and compassionate husband who cares with you! A doting son and sweet dog -all in a partnership to supporting your health. Please know you are not alone, and you are doing hard work right now -and that's enough. Some days just getting out of bed is plenty! Know you will be in my prayers.

Thank you for sharing your story -what a glorious life you have led! Your photos are beautiful and inviting, I LOVE your drawing! (Zendoodle? I make those too -very meditative and fun for me!) Thank you for the end thoughts, I will save those wise words!

Lovely to meet you Lieselotte - what a beautiful part of the world you live in. I trust you will continue to repair and thrive as we get to the end of this rather terrible year and that 2021 will be a bumper year for you...best wishes from New Zealand - Jennifer

You live in the most beautiful country. The word serene comes to mind. I love Luna, she will be such an important component of your healing. Oh your beautiful hair. Great shot Corey!!!! May 2021 be your year!!!! Thank you for post.

Such views! A beautiful place inwhich to gain strength and heal.

Thank you all, ladies, for your nice comments !
And Penni, you are absolutely right about depression being a liar. The most impressive sentence I heard from a psychologist during treatment in a clinic was ,"By all means, do not believe everything you think !" Yes, it's Zendoodle,I only came across it last year. My depression has taught me so many things about myself, and I' m glad for that.
I do hope things will get easier for all of you out there once this pandemic is dealt with .Stay safe ! Kind regards, Lieselotte

Hello, Lieselotte, Thank you for this beautiful post and lovely photos of the Austrian countryside. I wish you, and all of Corey's followers, a blessed holiday season. And for you, continued sustained health and happiness. Sincerely, Irene

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