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21 November 2020


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“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you for sharing yours

Thank you Linda, that was wonderful! Learned some things I didn't know about you.... and that explains why your shows were always so unique and special! I miss 2nd Saturdays.
I don't usually comment on Cory's blog, though I've followed her for years, but seeing someone I actually know inspired me! So nice to read your story with your beautiful photos... and greetings from Tennessee!

I am sorry for the loss of your husband. I really enjoyed seeing all your beautiful things
and your blog posting
Many blessings

Lovely, just lovely. An inspiration for those of us reading - perhaps more than you suspect.

You have created a wonderful life of beauty. Bravo. When CV is under control we will be visiting my cousin in Seatlle and now thinking a side trip to Tacoma is do-able, something to look forward to! Thanks for sharing.

You are such a lovely artist of the best kind.... always willing to offer your art to anyone. I love how you put it all together from the delicate to the decaying it all seems to work and have a place in your display. I so miss our chats about life and family and food! I can’t wait till this is all over and a new chapter starts. I know you will be there with all your adventures and treasures and outlook on life under your beautiful pink tent.❤️Thank-you for your beautiful story.❤️

Amen to all above comments! Just reading your words feels like you are already a friend. I love your cat -she's fabulous, I love your words -so full of life, and I wish you were my next door neighbor, or maybe I were *your* next door neighbor (you live in Seattle, which would be grand!) Big hugs as you remember your sweet husband, and more for you and your tribe. Thanks for sharing your story!

We love you and your store Linda: It's unique and an interesting place to visit. Didn't know that was your cat!

Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing, Linda. I live a bit up the freeway from you in Everett. Perhaps our paths will cross!

I too miss the wonderful market at Magnuson Park that you were a big part of. This was a great article about your life, and I’m sure you have touched many over the years, more than you’ll ever know. Keep doing what you love!

What a lovely, wistful post...

I am blessed to know this beautiful woman and to have met her sweet husband, a kind, caring man, I could feel the love between them. It was pure magic.
The charm of you shouts from life you bring to common items and then so graciously share with your friends, your customers and complete strangers.
Your gift of creation is also in sharing words, words that convey the beauty of simple truths and treasured memories. I am looking forward to seeing the magic in your new adventure.

Exquisite, evocative writing. I wish I could meet you.
Thank you...

Greetings Lynda from across the sea in NZ!
Great to read your story and to see what you have created and all the interesting lives you have changed with your treasures. Antique hunting and selling is a great pastime...I used to work part time in several antique stores here in NZ and I always enjoyed the thrill of seeing new things arrive and things I wanted to take home.....it is a great world to inhabit!
I am sorry you lost your husband and partner in life. That is a great loss. I hope you continue to find pleasure in your various pursuits and through your family.
Best wishes

Oh my, can I be your friend too? You are a poet like Corey.
“Waiting for a hot summer night or an afternoon nap
after a long bit of reading are etched into me like a religion.”
What a beautifully crafted sentence. I was right there with you.
This spoke to me so much. As a child my summers were filled
with trips to the library where I would choose my 5 allotted books
and race home to spend my days devouring them on a hammock
in my back yard.
I sell vintage/antiques also. My daughter moved to the West coast
to attend The University of Puget sound in Tacoma. When I can travel
once again I will come visit your shop. It sounds wonderful! Here’s
to creating more beauty!

I loved every bit of your story .. Except the part about your husband dying. I'm so sorry.

You have a gift, I am glad it brings you joy xx

Cheers from Zurich!

You are Corey’s sister – do doubt!

The most beautiful and inspiring post Linda ... so full of emotion, real life, gratitude, and joy ... you are the queen of our tribe Linda ... I will never forget seeing your husband by your side at that hanger and also at your little shop ... he adored you and it showed!! I know he is still with you and watching over you now as well!!! I look up to you more than you know Linda!! So very blessed to call you a friend!!! Love you Linda!!! ❤️ XO

Thank you all for taking the time to read through my musings. I am pleased. I love the idea of being Corey’s sister. I am just honored that she wanted to include me in this month of guest posts. If you continue to be curious about my findings we have an Instagram account, Luluz&co. If you find yourself in Tacoma Wa , stop by my little store. I love a visit. Thank you all once again, this meant a lot to me to be able to do and to find grace and acceptance was a real treat.

I think I need a drive to Tacoma as soon as possible.

LuLu, This was perfect. Beautifully perfect, and the words were the words to a familiar song. You know-
Each word piercing and transparent. thank you. Just a million Times thank you.
Love Celeste

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