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12 November 2020


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Pam! I loved reading your guest post. Great story-telling about Mom, your brother and canning. It made me smile.. The rugs are great and the gardens amazingly peaceful and calming. Thanks so much for sharing .

Oh my goodness! Your rugs and your shade garden are beautiful. Your antiquey rugs are just the kind I love. And do you live somewhere with a lot of rain? Your hostas are so lush!

Pam I enjoyed your posting very much as I have all the other guest bloggers.
Thank you Corey for introducing us to so many lovely people.
Blessings to you all

Ok...first, your garden looks like it's a spread from Better Homes and Gardens, the photos are gorgeous and I am jealous of all the green! I love the look of your rugs! My favourites are the one with the little mouse -adorable!, and the cat! So cute! Thank you for sharing the recipe for the jam, I was going to ask for it and was so happy when it showed up!

You had me at the first photos of your (omg gorgeous) garden, and then you started talking about tomato jam. WHAT IS TOMATO JAM? I need to try this!! THEN you talk about hooked rugs. and I don't want you to stop talking. I want to hear about everything! Thank you so much for writing your story, even though you thought you had nothing to say. LOVE IT ALL!

You need to open a shop on Etsy. I'll be your first customer:) The rugs are amazing, I want to try the tomato jam and the garden is divine.

An absolutely charming post!

your gardens are beautiful and so are your rugs. I am also a hooker with a stash of wool that is bigger than I can ever use. Do you dye your wool? I love to do it but am not doing it as often as I used to. Lucky you to be able to spend so much time with your brother and to share memories of your mother through her recipes.

You make me feel a bit guilty. I have a case of Ball jars sitting out on the porch. They've been there for four years. They do make good ice tea glasses I've heard.

Pam...I am digging out my Mom’s fruitcake recipe today...my Mom and Dad would make it together in an old enameled baby bathtub.
Thank you for reminding me of a very happy memory-

Pam, your rugs are fabulous! I’d love to learn one day. I met some “hookers” on a trip to Cape Breton Island in NS. The winters are long there and that is a long held traditional art there. I came home vowing to learn how. My daughter even gave me a beautiful hook for Christmas. I’m a procrastinator but you have given me new inspiration. I can also see your love of color in your beautiful gardens. So lovely. And all you canning sounds wonderful. Happy you are able to share these times with your brother.

Pam, you've made my day with your story and photos of your beautiful rugs and backyard paradise. I love that purple clematis, it must have somehow found some sun!
Thank you, and thank you to Corey for sharing her friends with us. Marvelous!

Love your garden! The colors are wonderful, wish it was spring you’ve really inspired to do more on my shady side. I only see my my brother on holidays and love cooking with him too. I’ve been helping him to bake bread from our Dads recipes this past year.

Pam, your gardens are simply gorgeous! and all done in a shady place makes them even more exceptional. I saved your post and titled it, "Plant like this!" for my 2021 garden. It looks like you and I have the same type of backyard too. Your rugs are so whimsical with delightful colors too. Thank you and I look forward to cataloging your plants and buying them next spring.

Thanks Pam, I loved your stories. I canned corn once, when opened had to throw it out. That was the first and last time I can canned
Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful post,I love your canning experiences with your brother. And the photos of your garden! So lovely.
The rugs are truly works of heart.
Thanks for sharing all of it with us!

Pam – your yard is stunning! We are all shade, too. Tell me about the blue climbing flower. Is this a variety of Clematis?

The canning and hooked rugs, plus a gorgeous garden. Love it all.

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