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28 November 2020


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Penni, as the grandmother of a beautiful 17-year-old who went deaf at a year, thank you for the work you did with deaf students. My granddaughter has cochlear implants and is now fully oral, but sign was her first language and her preschool teachers--born with a metabolic disorder, she had other challenges, too, that she has mostly overcome--are still our extended family's heroes. Great good luck with your move!

Oh my goodness! Your positive spirit shines through your words. Best of luck on your new adventure! With your buoyant attitude I'm sure you'll have fun and be a happy part of wherever you go.

The gingerbread houses are works of art, you are an artist, truly you are. Best wishes on your new chapter with the move. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks you for a beautiful guest blogger post. You as well as everyone that has posted here has brought such fun and inspiration and friendship
Thanks Corey for introducing us all
It's a wonderful adventure to read about others.

Hallo Penni, I'm very excited to finally get to know you ! I'm so, so sorry about your losses - it must have been so very painful, and still hurt when you phrase the sentences.
Gingerbread houses are very common here in Austria.I wish I was able to decorate cakes like you do. How brave of you to move home and restart at a new place , destination unknown.
Good look with that, maybe you can let us know how your story continues.
Lots of love, Lieselotte

Oh I love being an "imaginary friend". Each story is so individual. Thanks for sharing yours. Good luck with finding what's next in your move.

Thank you all for your kind sweet comments, I'm overwhelmed!

Loved you sharing your story. How brave of you to venture into the “unknown “. Best wishes for what will be an exciting next chapter.

What a talented and creative woman you are. I love your positive spirit--you have had a lot of heartache. You are courageous to sell your home and start in a new place, but after reading your story, I know that you are up to it. You have the support of a loving family. What more do you need?

Hello Penni, The common theme among all Corey’s followers appears to be creativity. You are clearly a “Jane of all trades” and very talented. I loved your GB photo. I too am a builder of GB homes and can’t count the number I have made over the years. I also love making cakes and tarts and pies and anything that is remotely creative involving food. I’m sorry for your recent losses and hope you find the perfect new home to live in for the next chapter in your life. Your grandchildren will be lucky to have you near. Here’s to selling high and buying low! Michelle (aka momof5)

Oh wow, so many talents! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Penni - Thank you for sharing your life story. What a busy talented woman you are! Good luck on your move and may you have many more fun adventures with family & friends.

best of luck with that move – and your impending visits with the grands :)

You are a inspration to me. My husband also died 9 months ago, son 15 years ago. Moving!!! More power to you! I understand needing new grounds. Best of luck although I don't think you need it...your a Can Do Lady!

Coming back to say one more thank you for all your gracious words and support -it means a lot to me!I feel really lucky to have found such a lovely space, I don't take it for granted -you are all kind -blessings on everyone who reads this!

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