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24 November 2020


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How fabuluous are all these guest postings.
I appreciate reading each one.
Thank you Corey for this marvelous opportunity given to many.

Love, love, love everything you have written!

Perhaps it's because I read this at 4:30a.m., or perhaps it is because you have a joyful Spirit, but I found this so fun and humorous! Oh my gosh you people are delightfully positive! I loved every word of this post!

Our educated but very cloistered daughters went to Europe, and of course Paris! They had booked pretty much everything "economy" -which provided them a Parisian Hotel conveniently located within steps of the Moulin Rouge, and occupied by "folks who liked to stay up late". They were hilariously shocked, but rolled with it because yes, it was extremely cheap, "Mom, if people needed to they could rent a room for just an hour!" (insert mom eye roll and dad having a seizure.) After a long second day they had traveled to an opposite end of Paris, it was late, they needed to get home, but they couldn't make heads or tails of where they were or needed to go. "Whenever you need help, ask a Gramma, or a mother with children." This family advice given to them as toddlers came back to their minds and so they began the hunt for a Gramma. They found a Gramma -and- a Grampa, who, upon understanding where they were staying, insisted upon riding the bus with them all the way back to their hotel and escorting them to their room! Our daughters said "They acted just like Gramma and Grampa would! They were glad to help but ya, they lectured us on our choice of hotels the whole ride! lol! Once we were safely inside, the Gramma poked the Grampa and he wrote down their house number and phone so if we got stuck again we could call them!They were SO NICE"

Indeed, Parisians are good people!

I practically dragged my husband to France the first time we went because he believed those stories that the French are rude to Americans, now he wants to go there as soon as we can travel again! Once you understand that they are a bit more reserved than we, not as casual, and follow just plain good manners, they are so kind and helpful. My French is about the same as yours and sometimes I cringe at how I may have said something, but the effort is usually met with puzzlement at first then a smile of understanding what my intention is!

How I would have loved having a little apartment in Paris. What a dream come true, even with the differences in language. When I have travel in France I have never found poor treatment when we try. I love trying to communicate with words.

What an engaging, wonderful guest post!

Vous êtes tous les deux, fantastique, Les meilleure voisins!

Loved this post. Please write a book. :)

I think a foolhardy decision is actually very brave and exciting. Bravo to yet another other great post

Chère Corey,

What a gift you've given all of; thank you for sharing your readers.

Dear Robin and Donn thank you for the early morning laughs with my morning coffee in Nice and bravo on following your hearts. Your first hand experience with the French and your excellent of non-anglophones in the US is spot on. As has been said by many but I believe Thomas Jefferson was one of the first...everyone has two countries, the one in which they are born and France.

Je suis d'accord.

Bonne journée à tous et prenez soin de vous,

Loved this post. Actually visualized your journey!!!!

Very entertaining/funny and nice to hear from a "bloke" as well, to use a Kiwi word!
Such a lot of great stories coming from your Blog Corey, thank you for each and every one!
Jennifer, in New Zealand

Brava! Enjoyed every word and admire your spirit.

Thank you Donn and Robin. I too have always found the Parisians nice and helpful and always tell me how well I speak French. I am sure they say this so they don’t have to speak English. But the last two times I went to Paris everyone wanted to speak English. So it was quite amusing. The French speaking English to me and me, the American, responding in French. So much to love about Paris and the Parisians.

Charming post.
Love the intrepid spirit of your big fiends Corey!


As enjoyable as a read this was, the sentiment expressed brings warmth, joy and hope. Beautiful!

How could I have missed this fabulous post. I’m still going to comment, even late.
My dream, thank you for living it.

What a lovely and well-written article!

Lire vos experiences en France me touchent beaucoup. Vous avez des mots justes pour en parler ainsi qu'une pointe d humour pour raconter. Je vous écris de France.

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