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09 November 2020


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You're post here is inspiring. Thank you for the beautiful words and photographs.

(Ack, meant to write 'Your' not 'You're'!)

Leau, your post blessed my heart.

Thanks for shining your light, here on Corey's blog.

BTW, love your photos!

Susan in Switzerland

Leau, I also have a son who texts me to go outside and look at the moon. That is because when my children were small I would always say "La bella luna" whenever we were outside at night and a gorgeous moon was hanging up in the sky. We would all stop and admire it. I enjoyed your post. You, like Corey, have a poets heart.

This post is like soothing balm to a weary soul. Thank you for your beautiful words. And I'll add my "amen!" -light is everything!

I love the idea of being a "light chaser". This year my word for the year is light. This post fits perfectly into those thoughts.

Like all light chasers you are here to light the way for the rest of us.

You are inspirational with a beautiful soul. Your words are hopeful. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for this, Leau. I raised two light chasers and now a grandson who looks for the moon, every star, sunset and rainbow. Your post was just what I needed today. xoxo

What lovely sentiments Leau...your light has even shone all the way over here to New Zealand.....keep chasing the light and the moon.....take care. Jennifer

Leah, you know what? I’m a Swiss woman with German as my first (foreign) language and I’m married to a French spoken Swiss - and since I constantly ‘speak/think/write’ in three languages, I read your name as L’EAU (Water) which to me is a beautiful name for a woman like you. I’m an eternal light chaser too and we would love each other right from the word GO. Also, I’m getting it all, every word, every photo, every meaning - because I’m the same. And I’m getting blind rapidly. Which is why I read even more now than ever before. I still have plenty of great books to go through, all of them in English and therefore - after reading - destined to be burned, as I can’t send them to English libraries for further reading, which makes me very, very sad.
Your guest post made me tear up, I felt you in every sentence and I’d gladly help you out with some light of mine. I’m still in good health and I often, often take photos (which I only really see in detail on my computer later on) of ‘things’ in light. In my thoughts, I send them to you, share ‘my’ lights with you and hope they lighten up your soul and your soul’s eyes. Love, also from Switzerland, just like the ‘unknown’ Susan....

... and annoying autocorrect - I had your name right.... it was my iPad, sorry LEAU!

Beautiful words and images. Thank you.

Oh dear Leau, my word for 2020 is light and you made my day with all your words on light. Thank you so much. Sending light from my morning candle to you I will treasure your words forever.


Wow, that was beautiful. Thank you so much for the words and the photos.

Wow! Leau I loved your post and the light that is radiating from you and your words.
Thank you

So inspiring! Thank you Leau !

Your beautiful words brought light into my day. Your photos and message are lovely.

Thank you for sharing and shining your light! You warm my heart.

Very inspiring reading your life's journey as an attorney then as a light beacon with your words and actions. Thanks for sharing.

Wow. Just wow! What an inspiring post! Thank you Leau for lighting up my day. I will remember your words every time I feel down.

Dear Leau, Thank you for your light-filled words and photos. Yes, the light is extra special this season of Samhain where the sun is low across the southern sky most of the day. I am reminded of the Irish proverb, "May the sun shine warm across your face..." I wish you that! And thanks to Corey for bringing us all into the "joy of unity" through her anniversary blog.

Beautifully written, gorgeous photos. The one of the arc of birds is stupendous! Let there be light in your world and thank you for giving us yours, darling!

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