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08 November 2020


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Such a great speech.
Thanks for sharing
Blessings and much love

Amen. Love, Peace, Unity and Faith. Thank you Corey

“Dancing In The Street”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68Uv959QuCg

(OK, so I shimmied along in my computer-desk chair! But I bet you and Yann busted a few moves on the dance floor).

Tears of joy. Full of hope. Love in my heart.

Thanks for posting this great speech! There were fireworks in my neighborhood! Amazing!


Yay! What a great speech! Joe Biden is a kind man and has so much experience in life and politics and diplomacy. I relistened to his eulogy for John McCain the other day. He's inspiring.

Sir Kenneth Clark had a BBC program entitled "Civilisation." The first episode was "By the Skin of Our Teeth" - that western civilisation had barely survived after the 395 AD fall of Constantinople. I feel very much this way, like we dodged a bullet and just scraped by. A victory for logic and empathy and civilisation.

The streets of Los Angeles were horn-honking traffic jams of joy and gridlocks of gratitude yesterday. Dancing in the streets from morning to night. A popular sign said "We Grabbed Him by the Ballot." Yes, we did.

Amen to every comment above and thank you Corey!

I follow many accounts on varied social media, I am so glad to say the majority of them are being kind in their victory. On those accounts where they are suffering a loss I am sad to say the majority of them are extremely negative and venomous. I hope they can find hope and changed their heart and mind. We *all* need to work together.

For me, I feel relief again, I feel it will be an honour to raise up our flag once again and claim it for *all* people, not just those who followed our former president. I encourage all of us to do just that; to reclaim what we have lost, our courage, our hope, our patriotism and to help rebuild and lift each other with unity and kindness. Raise our flag proudly once more as a symbol of unity instead of exclusion and restore it back to its purpose of bringing liberty, justice, and equality to everyone.

It was so powerful and kind. Ms Harris was also wonderful. Bravo a tous.

I cried and cried and cried, and then my sister sent me a photo of my 10 year old great-niece completely absorbed by Vice-President Elect Harris and President Elect Biden's speeches, and I cried all over again. Finally. Speeches from politicians that are appropriate and uplifting enough for the whole family. We have a LOT of work to do. The past four years has revealed aspects of our nation that need to be healed. I have hope that we have the right people to do it.

Bonjour à tous and félicitations America! Thank you Corey for sharing this uplifting moment; my mood elevated with news of the outcome, especially with the future of female leadership in the US.
Bonne semaine et prenez soin de vous,

Wowee...is all I can say from over here in Godzone...NZ
So happy to see Joe Biden victorious and what a great speech...his words are genuine and sincere and though he will be up against it, I know his heart is in the right place....go USA! Cheers from over here!

The day was one of celebration over most of the USA. I feel hope again for the first time in 4 years. I am relieved and happy and hopeful. All of my kids (31.31.24 and 23) were very, very invested and involved, which was great to see. Thanks for posting this uplifting, inclusive and hopeful speech.

Thank you for posting this

What a powerful,unifying,heartfelt address.


Hope once again for so many Americans and for the world that has held their collective
breath for us over the past four long years.

We listened to the speeches Saturday evening. I love reading this text. We move forward. This is history. This is decency. This is inspiration. We are led by a talented team. Bless them. We support them as they support us.

Biden's speech felt like a long, fresh inhale, with a deep cleansing exhale. These are the words that a decent leader uses to assure a country that we are going to be okay. Maybe after a little rough housing, but we are going to be okay.

Thank you for posting this. What a wonderful, challenging, hopeful speech. May all Americans come together to work for the good of our country and its people.

I am just now reading the entire speech.
Wonderful, encouraging words.
God bless our President Elect,
and Vice President Elect!

Amen and amen.

I sat and listened to this speech and tears rolled down my cheeks.
I dream of “And He will raise you up on eagle's wings,Bear you on the breath of dawn,Make you shine like the sun,And hold you in the palm of His Hand.” Words to remember. Now let's band together and leap for joy on Jan. 20th. Amazing! We will heal!

Thank you for posting this. It is wonderful to read and to feel so proud!

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