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26 November 2020


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As always, Corey—your reflection resonates deeply. Thank you! Mike and I are celebrating Thanksgiving alone, as is our family—grateful for the many undeserved blessings. Surrounding your Marty with prayers —- for all the angels ministering to him. Thinking of your beautiful Mom—-her wisdom passed on to you....to all of us.

Sending love and prayers to you and your family Corey.

I'm trying to find joy in the everyday.
On my daily walks I have made myself focus and find 3 beautiful objects, could even be an interesting crack in the sidewalk. It's to help remind me that through all the worry and chaos of covid and politics, etc it's still a beautiful world.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Cory and everyone. My eyes are full of tears as those beautiful words reflect the thoughts and prayers of so many. I tried to say my prayers last night and thank God for all my many blessings and became completely overwhelmed with such inadequate words to express it. I have so very much to be thankful for. Love and Blessings to all.

Doing well here, Corey.
Avoiding all gatherings, even small ones, though many are not and some seem to think my husband and I are being over-cautious, as if terrible things only happen to others, so we don't have to curb *our* activities ... and many are not, it seems.
All the best to Marty. And your mother is definitely smart and strong; her decision to break tradition is evidence of that.

Just dinner for two and not cutting any corners, still have china, crystal, and silver out for our special meal today. My sister on the other hand is not celebrating at all, but instead spending her day thinking and praying for those who have lost loved ones due to CV and will have that empty chair at the dinner table. Admire your courageous mother and her wisdom. Such a blessing to have family and be connected even from a distance. Lots to be grateful for. Prayers for your brother and your family.

God bless you my precious friend and again your words deeply touch my heart.
We are all finding the holidays especially challenging in isolation but we are protecting those
we love by being wise and following the guidelines.
Praying for everyone
and may 2021 see us through slowly to much better days ahead.
I love you
You are a forever blessing to me and have been since the day we connected
I love you dearly

O God, when I have food,
help me to remember the hungry;
When I have work,
help me to remember the jobless;
When I have a home,
help me to remember those who have no home at all;
When I am without pain,
help me to remember those who suffer,
And remembering,
help me to destroy my complacency;
bestir my compassion,
and be concerned enough to help;
By word and deed,
those who cry out for what we take for granted.
-Samuel F. Pugh

We're OK, can't complain. Talked on the phone today with my 91-year-old only first cousin, who's still sharp as a tack, feisty and living independently in NorCal. We discussed current events, and reminisced a bit about the big family holiday dinners of our youth.

Having a simple vegetarian dinner of homemade meatless lasagna, Romano green beans that were blanched and frozen from the garden this summer, and apple crisp à la mode for dessert (because I don't like the traditional pumpkin or mincemeat pie!).

First, my prayers are for Marty's and your whole family's comfort.

My husband and I are alone but have an extra reason to be grateful. Saturday evening, our adopted Great Pyr mix was barking relentlessly. She has a big bark but usually barks only when she's "talking" to my husband and convincing him to do what she wants him to do. When I got up from my office chair to go check, I found my husband of 51 years sitting in the chair, his head slumped toward his chest. Shouting at him rewarded me only with the briefest moment of his opening his eyes. He could not talk or move. When ENTs arrived, his blood pressure was 72/35. He began breathing roughly. Every test known to mankind was performed that night as he began to recover cognitively while receiving hydration, and, importantly, it turns out, did not receive his evening meds. His Covid test was negative. He did not have a lung embolism. His bypasses hadn't failed. No brain bleed. He was still so weak that he could not reposition himself in bed, but while they were doing an MRI of the brain to follow the CAT scan the next morning, he said he could suddenly breath better. By the time I arrived back at the hospital after a few hours away getting things together at home, he could sit and stand, although shakily. Doctors concluded that he'd had an adverse reaction to a new blood pressure medication he'd just begun a week earlier because he is 73 and meds impact the elderly differently, plus he'd had a stomach upset and "depletion issues" exacerbated that adverse impact. They took him off that med. Back home, he consulted his cardiologist as advised, whose PA told him it couldn't be the med and started him back on a lower dose . . . only to have the whole thing start over. BP dropped to 92/52 and he could not stand or walk without my assistance. He could not follow my instructions (wait to turn until I reposition myself, etc.). He's off the med again now, and cognitively all back. All is normal except it's taking longer to bounce back physically again. He's walking on his own again today, making jokes, eating a little again. It was a lucky day we adopted Zoey a year ago. She's was a challenge, but, without her, I could have gone on working for another hour or two.

Thank you, dear Corey, for your beautiful, heartfelt post. I admire your Mom, her strength, insight, love and faith. Amazing lady, just like her daughter.

As always, I send prayers and strength for your brother, Marty, and the rest of your family.

I send you prayers of love and caring thoughts from my heart.

Blessings...we are well here and dining alone this evening. I am in good company.


Corey, I'm thankful for you and your beautiful mom and family and I hope Marty is better and out of the hospital soon.

And Linda thank goodness for your smart dog and the doctors figuring out what was affecting your husband.

Just my husband and me for Thanksgiving this year. My adult son and I made pumpkin pies together over Skype. It was nice but made me miss him more. But I'm thankful that he's healthy there and we're healthy here.

Oh Linda! What a fright you had! Thank goodness for the steady bark of your dog. Thinking of you, hoping a gentle peace and healing come quickly for your husband and that you have time to breathe after this day. XXX

Half fragile. Half strong. I hope Thanksgiving is a renewal for you and all you hold dear

This was beautifully written and certainly inspirational. Lifting your brother up in prayer.

Dear Corey,

We will pray for your Mom, Marty and all of your family. Perhaps travel from Nice to your village will be possible in early 2021; if so, I'll be sure to stop in and say bonjour.

Bon week-end,

I am encouraged each time I visit your blog, Corey, and also uplifted by the comments.

Linda, Thank God for your dog, for your husband's recovery. How frightening that was. Rejoicing with you.

We're doing well, here in Zurich, being cautious going about our daily life, and grateful for simple pleasures.

I admire your mother and her outlook on life, her strong faith, and wisdom. Adding my prayers for your brother.

Thanks for this corner of the blog world, Corey.

Hi Corey and family - here in NZ we do not do Thanksgiving as a celebration, but we do recognise how important it is for Americans, and there are some expat folk who must do all the usual celebrations even though they are away from home. We are able to have all regular activities here in NZ at present, Covid is banished, though we have a steady flow of Kiwis returning to NZ every day, of which usually one or two a week have Covid and are managed in hotel isolation until they are well enough to go home. So we are very lucky just now on this side of the world.....

I hope that very soon the Covid situation will stabilise in other parts of the world and regular activities will be able to resume and perhaps your Mum and family can have a belated celebration instead when Marty is back home and feeling like biting off those Turkey head cookies!

Best wishes to you and your family in both France and the U.S.A

My prayers for you and your family, Corey.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Corey, I am so sorry to hear about Marty. I will keep him and all your family in my thoughts. Your mom is such a powerhouse, I admire that. Linda, so glad things are on the mend. Aren't dogs (all animals really) amazing? I cooked 3 meals yesterday and packed them up. Sent one to my son and his wife, one to my other son and his girlfriend, and kept one here. Then we "zoomed" so we could be together. It was pretty hilarious (the older folks did better with the zoom/computer functions than the younger ones;) We have a tradition of going around the table (or zoom screen,) telling each other what we are grateful for this year. It is taken seriously, you have to "dig deep," (no, "I'm happy for my family..." We already know that. We are looking past your heart and into your soul with this question. Responses this year were profound and engendered great, deep conversation. We have much to be thankful for.

Thank you, Corey for your wonderful words. You have such a gift. I felt them all the way here in San Francisco. I bless Marty in my morning ritual candle lighting and of, course your wonderful mom. Linda, what a scare with your husband. And please be aware 73 is not elderly. 90 is elderly. May we all be healthy as we finish out 2020. Looking forward to 2021 with less struggles and more joy and light.


I know you are receiving hundreds of prayers for your brother, mine among them. My favorite prayer has always been "The Lord's Prayer" and when I get to the part that says, "Thy will be done", I really mean it. Only the Universe (GOD) is in control, and as much as we pray for positive results, sometimes the answer to our prayers is sometimes sadly, "No". I believe that is why your mother is so devout in her faith. She knows that God's WILL will be done and she trusts in it.

A bit of a lonely Thanksgiving for me. For the first time in 23 years there is no Mark to make his fantastic Thanksgiving meal, with Christmas to be missed ahead. Mom is alone too. You bet I'll be first in line for that vaccine.

Hello Corey, what a lovely Thanksgiving post. I’m sorry Marty is back in the hospital. I hope next year your mom will be reunited with family for Thanksgiving again. Linda, what a scare! And to go through it twice!!! And bravo to your Gt Pyrenees!! What a years it’s been. Corey I’m Thankful for you and all your blog fans who I have enjoyed reading about in their guest posts.

Thank you Corey, I am exceedingly well and grateful for that! Spent Thanksgiving day with half of my family. They all tested positive for Covid a couple of months ago, with almost NO symptoms,and did very well quarantining for only 10 days per their physician.
So we hiked for 4 miles at Castlewood Park near their home, then went to their house and fried a 20 lb. turkey
We enjoyed that with lots of sides. Desserts and a vodka punch. WONDERFUL TIME HAD BY ALL.

Such precious thoughts and love sent to your whole family and your mom. It was indeed a different Thanksgiving. We also didn't have family come into our home this year and it was hard. I did love that we still made the meal, packaged it up, and delivered it to two family doors. We were able to stand back and send kisses their way then drive home to our own meal. I know next year will be better, I just have to believe that; so for now it was worth the sacrifice to not gather together.

oh Corey, I am just now catching up on my blog reading so I am late to this news about Marty's hospitalization. I am sending you so much love and I am praying for Marty's comfort. Your mother is a strong, wise woman. I am praying for her too. xoxo

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