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30 December 2020


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I think September is a pretty safe bet. April/ May seems pretty soon considering the hiccups happening with the vaccine rollout. We are feeling “cautiously optimistic “ about plans for after summer. Happy New Year Corey!

I am hoping for spring, but with all the delays, hiccups, and waves we have been experiencing . . .September seems right. Being a teacher, when will we all return to the classroom? 2018/19 were incredible spending a few weeks in Paris and Lyon - so, if the borders opened, I would be first in line at the Air France hub at Dulles! Happy New Year to you and your family!

I’d wait until September.

September may be a safer bet but unsure of even that.
Praying for high hopes and our dreams to come true
Love Jeanne

Concur with all of the above commenters re waiting until September.

If you and your guests planned a spring trip, then it had to be canceled (which seems not unlikely), it would be such a hassle for everyone to have to change such major plans.

My hubby and I were just talking about this. We are going to take a wait and see attitude about making plans for the summer. Normally about now I would be booking our house and flights. I just don't see it happening for this summer.

September, Corey. Biden has a mess to clean up here in the U.S.

I'm so looking forward to travel, can't wait to head to the States to see our family in Alaska and Illinois. But I am telling myself to not get my hopes set on the first half of 2021.

But what a glorious time it will be xxx 💗
Susan in Zurich

Yes I think Corey September would be the earliest time to be booking. The world is in chaos and the first half of next year will be adjusting to the new normal. Much love for 2021. X

I would come tomorrow if I could get a vaccination and leave here (Australia) but we are not allowed out at the moment. I have a house in France and I want to be there now! So a big yes from me!

Corey, if I were you I would do nothing till September 2021, as I read somewhere that they still lock us down, on and off, till then (minimum)!
Some say it won’t finish before 2025 (hope they are wrong!).
I just don’t want to think about it, trying to live day by day, even if difficult.
Happy New Year!

Corey, after listening to and reading comments from the experts in the U.S. medical community, I'd say definitely wait until September and don't count on being able to resume French La Vie Retreats anytime thereafter in 2021. Human beings won't be "safe" to travel or even abandon our masks and social distancing until the pandemic is qwelled around the world. At the incredibly slow rate at which people in the U.S. have been vaccinated so far, it will take 10 years to vaccinate everyone here (and that is assuming that everyone becomes willing to be vaccinated)! Although I need and YEARN to return to France, I very much doubt that I will be able to feel safe enough to do that during 2021. (While France may become relatively safe [and finally open to U.S. citizens] sometime in 2021, I cannot imagine that travelling to France from the U.S., and back, will become safe anytime in 2021.

Chère Corey,

Bonjour et bonne fin d'année. Such an excellent question, which shows your incredible instincts (not wanting to disappoint your community with a cancellation). You may already have found your answer however, here are my two thoughts:

1. Promote fall of 2021 (two very different tours I follow, which are normally held in the spring will wait until then, for a variety of reasons).

2. Keep a short list of a few who may be a bit closer (and able to travel at the last moment) for this spring/summer and consider this a test tour since we know everything has changed and will continue to evolve.

Bon courage et bonne année à vous,

The first six months os 2021 will be very revealing on how we might expect the rest of the year to pan out. This virus is too clever in how it mutates so it’s anyone’s guess as to how that may continue across the world over the coming year. Safety aside, your plans are going to be determined by whether countries open up and allow inter-country travel anyway. Don’t book anything that you’ll have to just turn around and cancel. Dream and plan and be ready when you get the all clear. I’ll be ready when you are. ;)

I agree with the posts I have read. April seems too optimistic. Maybe September.
We are not doing well here in US of rolling out the vaccine and containing this plague.
I hope things will improve with a new administration.
Brighter days are coming. Happy New Year, Corey!🎉🥂

So hard to plan for the near future. I'm going through a similar thing. Mark died in September, but we never had any memorial or funeral. I told everybody I would have something in the spring for our families, but I just can't plan for that yet.

Corey, I can't imagine that spring will be the magic months for travel. We had planned to take our granddaughter to France this summer for her graduation gift but i can't see it happening. And the likelihood that anyone in my family would get an untested vaccine, NEVER. And while i'm at it, i'm scared to death of what Biden will do to my country. I'm not optimistic about being able to return to normal anytime soon.

We two are holding out for travel starting in September - especially since the vaccine rollout has stalled so badly in the US with the schedule changing constantly. Hope to see you in October.

Happy New Year Corey. I would wait until September at the earliest.

Happy New year everyone !! As a nurse working in a California hospital right now, I do not think safe travel will be occurring in 2021. You may be allowed to travel but do you responsibly want to travel? I will not be traveling in 2021. I have received the first part of the Pfizer Vaccine and the second part on Jan 11th ( no issues occurred). Remember, everyone is second guessing their immune response to this new mutating virus.

I am enjoying life in different ways and recreating how I live every day. Thank you Corey for your inspiring blog !!!!

Hugs, Barbara Leblanc ( I live due West of your California home )

Corey - Happy New Year to you and your family. I wish I could come tomorrow to do another brocante with you. This was one of my best trips - such wonderful memories! September 2021 - sad to say I am doubtful! But... when it's safe and you're ready - I'll be ready!

If it were me I'd just wait. I think, even with numerous vaccines coming on the market, we will be wearing masks for many months to come. Some of the vaccines are being touted but have only been found to be 73% effective! It would be one thing if this was "simply" influenza, but especially with these new variants that are 50% more contagious, I would not want to be in the percentage who got their two shots, thought they were safe and then caught the virus anyway. You would never forgive yourself if you organized one of these tours and a participant got sick and died.

At 73 years old, 4 friends and I can’t wait and just booked 9 nights in Paris for December 1. We haven’t done anything on airfare though, and the rooms are refundable until 7 days prior. I agree with so many comments above, and I think it will take a while for this country to completely get its act together. I would bet on September also.

Hi Corey, I’ve been wondering... I so ache to travel again but the vaccine roll out in the US is off to a rocky start @ best. I’m doubtful this May will feel/be safe. I feel pretty safe in my bubble with my mask on and routine etc. But I want to be able to eat in restaurants In Provence snd have leisurely meals without a mask. That’s not going to be happening by May I’m afraid. I don’t know that September will be better but you probably have a little time to wait and see for Sept. But rest assured I will be there eventually!!! Happy New Year snd here’s to vaccines and 2021!Michelle

I think September at the earliest, said to say. Some may feel safe to travel but please think of the risk to you and your family. I think we’ve got to hang on for awhile. xx

Bonne année! This is the first year in decades that we've been in the USA rather than leading our New Year's Jazz in Umbria trip...feels different! And we've decided to reschedule our two spring Wonder Tours to the fall. Of course the music festival related tours can't be rescheduled - not sure if the two spring festivals which we include will actually take place. As you say, it would be so much work to plan and reserve everything for a spring tour, then have to reschedule it all - so I agree with the majority of your responders, just wait til fall!
Your wonderful tours are worth waiting for ;)

Dear Corey, I think 2021 travel will have lots of hiccups. No need to stress yourself and others with 2021 plans and cancellations.
Love, Jamie

I am not planning any travel until fall.
I still have a large credit with an airlines for a canceled trip in 2020.

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