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21 December 2020


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You are a lady of many talents. My Grandfather was a shoe maker.
Your drawings are lovely and so are you.
Thanks for sharing

Your art —your life also —bursting with spirit! Beautiful!

Barb, what a special post. I love your artwork. What a treat to receive one. How fun to take shoe making in Ashland too. I recently have been intrigued in creating something in the Altoid tins too, but so far have just been doing a kit I ordered. Saving the tins to do something though. Now wish you were still in Portland and I would invite you for a cup of tea. Thank you for sharing.

This is a wonderful post. Your altoid tins are beautiful and your journals are inspiring. You have a great gift in that you love to draw. I went to art college and worked in art professionally all my life and my inner critic is so loud that I stopped drawing. You inspire me to start again.

what a great array of lovely things you do!

I am so inspired by your art books and sketches, just incredible! I am also impressed by all that you have accomplished! Back when I was an interpreter for the deaf, my first day on the job one of the educators took me aside and said "Forget the principal, if you need anything done, make friends with the custodians." It was interesting because I had also been told that by my son's kindergarten teacher his first day of school...facts are facts! lol Thanks again for sharing your art!

Less likely guest poster??? You are SO talented! I would pay for your travel sketchbooks. I knew instantly that it was Gabriel in the picture. What an amazing talent you are. Incredible. Just incredible. Talented artist AND a degree in neuroscience? Holy cow...well done you :)

Bonjour Barb,

Quel talent! Your ability to create is a gift, thank you for sharing it with so many and thank you Corey for sharing Barb's beautiful life with us.

Barb, in addition to your artistic output, your return to school (à l'âge mûr) is an excellent example of the importance of eduction for all (note to self; continue to with the ever-exasperating but beautiful langue française!) at any age.

Bonne journée à tous,


Your life seems very unique to me and your creations equally so. Lovely to meet you Barb, greetings from New Zealand, where instead of snow we have summer sun! Jennifer

Hello fellow New Hampshirite! Thank you for your post! You are a lady of many talents. I am curious how you discovered Corey.

What a talented and creative woman you are! I never understand people who say, "I'm bored", because those of us who like to create can always think of something to entertain us. Thank you for sharing your interested life with us.

You are a very talented lady!!! Keep up the beautiful, creative work....! Thanks for sharing!🎈🙏

Thanks so very much for allowing a glimpse into your life! You are not a less likely guest poster. I enjoyed your story and your talent!

Barbara--you are my favorite guest blogger. I admire that you keep so busy learning new things; I am hopeless when it comes to creating anything with my hands, except for cooking and baking. You are exactly the friend I wish I could add to my circle.

Dear Barb,
I have thoroughly enjoyed your post about your very interesting and fun filled life. You have tried so many different types of craft, bouncing around such interesting localities throughout the US, starting with the hippie life in San Francisco. Congratulations on returning to school and being an example for your boys! Like you, I've made art and craft central. I recognize Danny and Koosje and smiled because of so many opportunities for us to visit other bloggers and feel we know so many more people intimately even though we haven't even met in person. I feel I know you now, and appreciate Corey for allowing us to expand our horizons even though we are "at home-in-place this year.

So nice to “meet you” Barbara. And maybe when covid ends we could actually meet in person one day as I live in Boston. I have relatives in Portland and Seattle. You are a brave woman to deal with New England winters! But you have so many talents to keep you busy over the long cold months. I love all your sketches, your notebooks and your Altoid shrines! And hope those son’s of yours appreciate all you’ve accomplished! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Michelle (aka momof5)

Barb, how can you believe your life is not interesting and adventurous? I loved your post. As the family genealogist for our family, I can tell you those journals should be and probably will be cherished for many generations to come.

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