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17 December 2020


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Please tell Marty how many of us are thinking of warmly him at this multiply difficult time.

Continuing to send up prayers.

Praying xx

I am sorry. I think of him and the turkey cookies and his sense of fun. I will pray for his healing.

I have been relentless with this intention adding it to every prayer I say think feel sometimes only half of a formal prayer offered because the situation I am in needs something attended too... Marty... I say corey's marty corey's mom's son all his brothers his nieces and nephews his wife daughter and 2 sons I believe it has been a true family affair and then I unite it to ALL the prayers being offered for him ….. sometimes I just say his name when I wake in the night...I don't know why I shared all this - I was afraid when I saw the heading and I feel fear a lot of late and just needed to say it thank you for the space to do so....suffering is hard and I don't like it I know of no one who does naturally...if I may ---my marty-- still praying for a miracle.

I will literally pray for him, I believe in prayer so much. I will pray for you all and his medical team too. If you give me his name, or dm me in IG with his name I will also put his name in our prayer list where literally hundreds of people will pray for him 5-6 times a day every day for two weeks straight and then we can do it all again. Much love and strength to you all.

May God’s light, love and peace abide in Marty — in all the angels ministering to him —- and his family.

I will pray for that miracle. I know your prayers touch him and surround him in love and warmth to his body.

Corey, My heart and prayers are with your family and your dear brother.

"It is a gift to tend to the ill, the weak

and not run away from it."

Yes. It's a privilege; even an honour.

I'll keep Marty in my thoughts, and you too; I know how anxious you'll be feeling.


He is in my prayers. I know how hard this time is for all of you. I went through this with my brother. Different cancer but the same feelings. It's especially hard for you because you are so far away. My thoughts and prayers are with Marty, you, your mom, and family.

Corey, you are an angel. Your brothers angel. I feel your pain and yes we all are sending our healing prayers and much love to you and your family.

Prayers and love.

Your brother Marty has been in my constant prayers. My heart aches for all of you. We all feel helpless in situations like this especially when you cannot be together. Prayers reach across the Universe for him and all your family. You are all suffering through this with him.
God bless him and may he know he's in our hearts and prayers always.
I love you Corey
God bless you all and keep you all strong.
Love Jeanne

Sending all my Heavenly Angels and all my Prayers to Marty and your whole Family. It is the season of Miracles and I am a firm believer, Vicki

Thinking of Marty and his family (and you too of course.)
Peace and love,

Thinking of all of you too

THE HOSPITALS ARE AT CAPACITY in Southern California ICU...........just read this morning.
Northern California is still OPEN.

Oh Corey, I will pray even more for Marty, and for you too. I'm also sending you so much love.

Dearest Corey; So sorry to hear your painful news. Your writing about your brother and his cancer journey is beautiful. Whenever I know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, or anything difficult, I give them the book "Kitchen Table Wisdom" by Rachel Remen. She is an oncologist therapist and writes these beautiful vignettes about "the gift of the disease". There are many of her stories that I have held" onto and included in my own "healing" from life (life, the only true teacher). Her book and stories have become one of my daily meditation "bibles".

I feel lifes journeys, challenges, provide "a closer walk with thee", my GOD, my Higher Power.

Sending Marty and your beautiful family love and light.

Suki Tutthill

Sending heartfelt prayers of love and strength to and for your dear brother, Marty, and all of his family. Thinking of you and your family with care.

The silence of directed, peaceful prayers are not always felt physically, but are offered in hope of a miracle.

For some odd reason, I thought of Marty and your walks when I woke up this morning. I saw feet, on a path. As always you, Marty and family are on in my heart and thoughts.

Continuing and adding intensity to the stream of prayers for Marty and all of his family (including , course) that I lift up each day, I will be hoping for a miracle. Thinking of all of you with love and understanding and trusting that there will moments of sustaining grace when you most need them, Leslie

I prayed just now that Our Lord would focus his healing and peace on Marty and family. Bless you

Prayers offered for your dear brother at this most difficult time,so hard not to be nearer,I'm sure he is in the best of hands.

I'm sad to know you are going through this agony of not being with your brother. Sad that your brother has to endure this pain. Know that you are not alone. We, your daily readers are with you.

I'm so sorry, Corey. My brother has Parkinson's, a much longer journey. My heart goes out to you, Marty and your entire family.

I am so sorry! Sending positive thoughts to you and your family!

Placing the healing energy of God with Marty for the highest good. Healing healing healing.

Praying the Good Lord reach into Marty and heal him. In Jesus's name.

Much love to Marty Corey - hoping that you and your family will share xmas with him in whatever communication portal you have available to you.
It’s not an easy time for many. I send your family peace and love as I sit here in the hospital myself with my beloved and his father who is slowly drifting away from us on his palliative care bed. It’s a matter of days now. May Marty stay with your family longer 😘😘

------------- Dear Natasha, My prayers are alongside you as you stand witness to your beloved's father's passing. Godspeed! Grace! Courage!

Prayers for you and your family. I know what a close loving family you are.

As a child, I ask my mother, why does God let them suffer? And she answers, how else would we have empathy. Your brother and your family are in our prayers. Faith is what gets us through these hard times. xoxo, Dave & Teresa

I think of Marty daily. Especially when I look to the night sky. Sending prayers + thoughts to support him with love. And to you and your family.

My prayers are among those you imagine streaming toward Marty.

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