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15 December 2020


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Beautiful is everything you share with us.
Thank you
Blessings for us all
Love Jeanne

Beautiful stories are legends of our past and future.

I love that you ask questions, particularly of family about family. There are so many things we know about our parents that our children may never learn if questions aren't asked or stories are not shared. Seeing Yann's Grandmother's paintings must have stunned everyone, such talent for one in their teens...trying to imagine all that she must have created! And wondering where one would find the buildings Great Grampa designed!

I hope you've written down the family history that Yann's father told you. My husband knew very little about his family and I was able to get some names and facts from his mom a few years before she passed away. But of course I wish I had recorded her or talked to her more about the family.

WOW......INCREDIABLE and soooo Beautiful, both the Story and the Art. What a treasure for your Family. Happy Holidays and buon Natale, Vicki

So talented. I hope the work stays in the family. I find people who love antiques are always very curious about the "back story." It's one of the best parts of the disease;)

so important to know these things – and to keep them in the family.

What a talented artist his grandmere was! Knowing the background of your husband fleshes his story out, makes you see him differently or with greater understanding. So glad you asked the questions! I had been doing my genealogy for some time and having no luck with my husband's family. Kids and jobs got in the way of working on it for many years. Finally, 3 yrs ago, husband complained and like any good wife, I said, "You're on the computer all the time, why don't YOU do it,it's YOUR family!" And lo and behold, he was on it until midnight and eventually found his family back to the 1700s! We even visited Poland and found abandoned graves of his great uncles, etc. Seeing him standing at those graves is a site that is burned into my memory and taught me so much about him.

Little tidbits of family history preserved because you asked questions. Glad you did.

Beautiful artwork. ...The name signed on the painting doesn't seem to be a French surname. Was she British?

Beautiful post Corey, that touched me profoundly. My own French husband also never asks questions, and it's through my curiosity ( or nosiness) that he and his sisters have found out all sorts of things about their family. No artists or architects, but many interesting characters.

I tell my husband it is good to ask questions, but he doesn't ask either. I am so glad to know he is not the only one that does that. Yes, that is how we know. So glad you asked the questions. Her paintings are beautiful!

A beautiful bit of history. One should always ask questions!

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