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27 December 2020


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Simply lovely and thanks for the courage to do the same!

Stunning. You are simply stunning.

Looks gorgeous Corey

Your mom has been one of my idols in keeping up my courage to wear my hair its natural color. Now you are, as well!

It is gorgeous!

Honestly, some ladies can pull this off and you are one of them. You look glamorous.

You are beautiful!

I follow a lot of designers, most of whom are at least 2 decades younger than I...and about 75% of them dye their hair white/silver/grey. You are very trendy right now -and rocking it!

Your hair looks healthy, thick, full of body, and amazing!

Since I was a little girl I told myself I would never dye my hair, and I hoped for completely white hair someday. So I didn't dye my hair until I was 59 when I finally went to a professional and dyed my thick dark chestnut hair with about 45 stray grey hairs back to the rich brown it should normally have been. After about 3 minutes I told the stylist that my head felt tingly -even a bit burning, which she assured me was normal for a newbie. I loved my hair! It looked fresh and streak free and I was happy, but I was still burning. Within 2 hours my head was covered in large fluid filled blisters and I was in pain! I called her and she walked me through some solutions, and although they did relieve the pain, the next morning my scalp was burned, bleeding, and my hair was SO matted I couldn't wash it. I went back to the salon for help. Eventually I had to go to the dr. but they didn't do much either and eventually I lost a LOT of my hair, and to this day I still have a little bald spot and *very* thin hair, which is a complete bummer.

I went back to wanting to a full head of all white hair -I am happy for you! You have my dream hair! Currently I am very much 'salt and pepper' and still hoping for the all white/silver.... but I will definitely just wait it out for Mother Nature to get me there! lol!

Your white hair is absolutely stunning. I am sure the transition took some courage but the result it beautiful.

Your hair is beautiful

You have such beautiful hair, no matter the color, Corey. Your coloring is perfect for light/ white hair. Thank you for the tips about the highlights over the white as a transition. Makes a lot of sense.

Truly beautiful!

My sister, who is two full years younger than me has a beautiful head of gorgeous thick white hair! I, on the other hand have a very thin topper of mousy brown. She looks amazing.

You are BEAUTIFUL ... and your hair is too!

I think it's also great being a little shorter ... it's youthful, perky, tres chic! Just right ...

Wishing I could do the same ... have been going dark (brown) much too long and it's a huge contrast, especially when it develops into a giant floodlit runway top of my head because I hate dealing with it.

So you are an inspiration ... as soon as I can go back to the salon will begin the process - I love it on you!

Chère Corey,

Votre cheveux gris est très jolie, comme vous. Enjoy your new year, new look and all the hope that 2021 has to offer us.
Nous vous souhaitons de merveilleuses fêtes de fin d'année ! Que ces fêtes soient l'occasion de retrouver la joie après cette année spéciale et compliquée pour toutes et tous.
Looking forward to meeting you at the Nice brocante sometime soon,

Well, it works and you look fabulous!

I love it and you look sensational!

You are looking very sophisticated altogether in this photo,no matter what colour your hair might be,you look stunning,all the walking has you looking fit and very slim!

Corey you look wonderful. I haven't coloured my hair for over 10 years and I love the salt and pepper look. I would love for it to go all white. i wan to say thank you for your wonderful posts throughout this strange year. They have been very uplifting. All the very best to you and your family for 2021 and I hope your brother Marty is comfortable and has reduced his level of pain to bearable.
with love
Romany de Silva

You look great with the white hair. I suggested to the woman who cuts my hair (Level One, in Chicago) that she should dye my hair back to the original color. She refused. Said it would look stupid at my age, and besides, I should be happy to have all my hair at 70.

You look stunning

You look gorgeous. I've always said you're "follically gifted;)

And it looks absolutely gorgeous. You clearly inherited amazing hair from your mom! If only we all had such beautiful, platinum gray...

Hi Corey

I did the same about nine years ago. I am now 66 and I have never regretted it for one moment. You look gorgeous with your white hair. I think it is much more flattering with your coloring.

You look fabulous with your natural look. Simply fabulous!

It looks beautiful and I wish I had done the same....still trying to work up the courage! And your exercise routine in Willows left you slim and fit...well you were slim and fit before you came...but kept you that way around all your Mother's baking!

I love your natural color! My hair which I used to highlight pre COVID is now it’s natural salt and pepper.
I debate highlighting again but haven’t yet. It sure saves money😉

Beautiful inside and out! Love to you, friend...💕

Join the club! Mind you, I prefer to call my hair colour Arctic Blond.

Corey, you look Amazing. So VERY Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

And it looks gorgeous!

Sophisticated! But not cold or stuffy...warmly sophisticated!!

Beautiful both inside and out.

Joyeux noel xo

Oh, please don't change it. It looks stunning and much better than the blonde.
The length is also more flattering.

Well Corey....you look marvelous darling!! Thank you for your courage & honesty. I haven’t quite gotten there, but it’s coming quickly. Ha! Just hope I’ll look as beautiful as you. Happy New Year to you & your beautiful family. ✌️🎉🎼🥂🍾❤️

Your hair color is stunning!

And you look agelessly beautiful with it!

Your grey is such a pretty color.

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