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08 January 2021


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Bravo !

Keep shining your light, Corey.
Standing with you, and believing for better days ahead.

Very wise words and I loved the video of the boys choir. Music a healing balm and so are your postings.
Much love
Here's to bright beautiful beginnings for us all.
Much love and many blessings for us all
Love Jeanne♥

Amen (and thank you.)

Brava. Thank you for speaking out.
And for always setting the right tone combining compassion and clear headed honesty.

You are a gift, Corey. Thank you for being you and for sharing your heartfelt thoughts and words.
With love,

Amen and amen.

Beautiful. Thank you Corey. May we rise like a phoenix with kindness, compassion, and love. Always with love 💗

Such a beautiful and thoughtful reflection once again.......thank you, Corey!

I am glad you could not be silent. This was a day of deep shame. Besides the re-institution of the Fairness Doctrine, the US should think about hate speech laws.

Thank you so much. I too have these feelings and I am praying for changed hearts.

God Bless America🇺🇸

Thank you for speaking out. I usually try to keep politics out of conversations with friends that I know have differing ideas, but when circumstances are as vile and horrific as what we witnessed on January 6, I can be silent no more. I pray that Biden will put our country on a new path. I saw a wonderful yard sign the other day, MAKE AMERICA KIND AGAIN

Thank you, Corey, for speaking out and for what you said when you spoke out. For many reasons, I wanted and needed to hear from you about what culminated (for now) at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. It went far beyond "politics" to strike at the very heart of our democracy.

Merci de me rappeler ces paroles.

Corey, As always you speak from your heart which is filled with love. Thank you for giving me hope in a new beginning.

Very apropos!

So well said. Perfect photo.
Teflon is right. Will he and his enablers ever face the consequences? 🙏
Thank you.

Chère Corey,

Thank you for sharing this important post. Yes, some subjects are difficult and unpleasant, which is why I continue to refrain from posting my thoughts on social media.

However, sometimes we can't remain silent so we must stand up. For example, I've learned over the last year that it is not enough to not be racist but, I must be anti-racist.
May we all share (as you continue to do) and receive love and light.

Bon week-end,

Thank you Corey. this is beautifully said.

There will be light at the end of the tunnel and calm will prevail, of this I am quietly confident, 20 January cannot come soon enough, and I am only a spectator from afar, watching. I hope that the vaccine will roll out efficiently very soon in America and peace will be with the people and sanity will prevail......that is what we need for this New Year...best wishes from New Zealand! Jennifer

Thank you for bravely speaking out.Your post beautifully puts words to what many of us are feeling.

Oh Corey,
If only you liberals could see things from our side for a day you might not be so ready to judge those poor people who got carried away. I don't like what happened but I also don't like how we conservatives have been lied about for years. You all are not so good as you think you are and we are not so bad.
All the artistic people that I follow are Democrats. That's just the way it is. It doesn't keep me from loving you. Thanks Corey for not being like some who get outright hateful.

Sadly, a whole lot of naive and easily manipulated people followed racist, white power fascists down Pennsylvania avenue to their fate. Fear of the other fueled their anger along with a power hungry, hollow man, with no morals.

Thanks for speaking out. Only now are corrective actions at least being considered that should have been not only considered, but undertaken, long ago. Pray for a peaceful inauguration.

You always have the right words, Corey. Thank you.
Brighter days ahead I pray🙏

may we all weep together for what is lost.

Corey, I have been reading your blog for 3 years now and love it. Please understand that I do not condone the violence inside the Capitol. That violence diminishes the love of country and support for President Trump that those 500,000 people have. I was there this past Wednesday. 500,00 happy peaceful families and individuals believe differently than you, but I do not disparage your beliefs with poetry or any writing. Your opinion is legitimate. So is mine.

May I suggest in the future that you refrain from political commentary, but if you chose to do so will you please consider poetry about the months and months of destruction and violence committed by the antifa and BLm in cities across this country against their own fellow Americans.

Your words brought tears, and much needed hope, Corey. Thank you!


Thank you for speaking out, Corey. We need a bit of calm in the middle of this storm. I fear it is not over yet, but clearly, we need words of hope and peace and you offered that today.

Thank you, Corey, for your words & for this beautiful song. I loved this movie and have just requested it from this library to watch again. I feel hope for our world and our country and I believe in our humanity to move us forward in love and peace.

Lovely video and words! It was a sad day for all Americans. Hopefully the new year and a new administration will get us back on track. We all need to show more kindness and empathy toward each other. I am praying that this vaccine will work and be available for everyone world wide and SOON!!!

Thank you Corey. Always appreciate your words. For those that don’t agree... that’s OK too. But her blog, so she can say what’s in her heart anytime. It’s our choice to open our hearts to listen.

So well said. Thank you.

Yes. Just yes to your words. I lost my father to Covid-19 just days before Christmas. I’m tired of the chaos but it still continues. I pray. Tracy H.

Thanks for speaking up.
Where there is darkest, light will shine again.
Love will win, but sadly people are being hurt.

Dear Tracy H

I am sorry to hear about your father. So much loss, so much love all in one. I pray peace leads you gently on the path ahead. I feel for you x

THE MAN MUST GO and be stripped of ALL of HIS PERKS.

Such wise words. Thank you for saying them now.

Thank you Corey for speaking truth - well said!

Thank you, Corey. It never ceases to amaze me when people feel they can tell you what to write about on your own blog. Because I love and respect you, I will refrain from speaking the words that come. We must continue to bring evil into the light to be burned by Truth. Evil prefers the shadows where it can hide.

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