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16 January 2021


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Posting a photo of flowers 300 days in a row. 300 days in a row? Wow...that puts in a new perspective. I alternate between feeling like there is light at the end of the tunnel (we have a vaccine and I think I can get it sometime around the end of April.) Other times, I feel like the virus is floating behind me, haunting me, tracking me, and I'm tired. The flowers help. Your blog is something to look forward to, something steady, something I can count on.

Thank you for that.

Your flower photos bring joy, and are a touch of grace each day.

Thank you for sharing so faithfully, from your heart.

I appreciate it!

Susan in Zurich

Very wise...THANK YOU!!!

Yes flowers and bright positive thoughts bring us joy and hope.
Thanks for bringing both to us always.
I love you my sweet friend.
God protect us and bless us all in the days ahead.
Love Jeanne

“... focus on what is good, holy, and

to remind me to strive to be my better self..... small kindnesses

are powerful tools for change.”...........Your words, Corey, are such a powerful reminder......carrying them in my heart. Thank you!

Thank you, Corey. Your small kindnesses are actually very big kindnesses.

Bless you dear, dear heart, Corey. I send you love and gratitude.

NOT watching the news also helps!!!

When I started posting from my garden about four years ago I planned to do it for one year, then no one wanted me to stop. Now it helps me to stay focused on days when it is hard to do it.

I send a simple petal of a flower of wishes to add to your bouquet of greetings. United, every detail blooms into bounty with love.

You are the flower you post each day, and yes, the little things matter, always.

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