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05 January 2021


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Oh I love your postings so much. I love to hear about your days in the monastery and I love all you share with us. You are an absolute delight
Sending much love and many blessings.
Love Jeanne

Hi Corey, did you replace the flour with buckwheat and quinoa to make it gluten free? I like baking GF. Also, would you please post your yogurt cake recipe? Unfortunately, I have misplaced it and my sons have LOVED it over the years. Thanks, all my best, deb

Debra, Yes I replaced the flour with chestnut, quinoa and sarrasin/buckwheat flour. I used a teaspoon of yeast instead.
I will repost the yogurt cake recipe.

Uh oh, are Farmboy Husband and I ever in trouble here!

We actually add EXTRA gluten to our bread dough, and find kneading to be physically and emotionally therapeutic for working out life's stresses (especially the past four years!).

E.g., Portuguese papo seco rolls: http://www.inolongerlikechocolates.com/21-01_calendar_jan.htm

And here are our Bolos lêvedos (Portuguese muffins), which are fried on a griddle or in a cast-iron frying pan:

Oh yummmm!
I have a huge weakness for bread and your baking escapades make me drool.
I have a recipe sitting out now for cinnamon rolls, which I have never made. I think they will be in the oven sometime this week.

Isn't this the best? I make an einkorn flour one with exactly ssme measurements. I will try in a Dutch oven.

Everything is normal if I can cook

Blessings from Saltspring

Ohhhh, I’m salivating like Pavlov’s dogs. I will definitely make this bread! Thank for sharing the recipe with us. I can only imagine what a delight and bright light you were in the lives of those monks!

I recently discovered Jenny’s blog as well. Many wonderful recipes and videos. All ad free! I can’t wait to try this bread.

I just recently started making cinnamon rolls...I kind of wish I hadn't. They are so much fun to make and so yummy....oh now I want to make some more. I've also begun learning how to make Puff Pastry...with limited success. But it's SO MUCH FUN, so I keep trying.

My husband Steve has been making bread for a few years, and no knead was one of the first ones he made. He used the Mark Bittman recipe that appeared in the NYTimes and is truly no-knead. I would come home at night after a show to an apartment that smelled as close to heaven as I could ever imagine...such a wonderful welcome home after a long day!

Jenny's recipe looks very easy to do, and I hope people will try! I would say that folding the bread over 10-12 times is as close to kneading as you can get without actually calling it kneading. And the kneading part is fun! What a great way to get out your frustrations at being stuck at home!

And lastly....What would we do without my ancient cast-iron Dutch Oven? So many wonderful things have been made in it over the years! I think I paid $5 for it at a yard sale a million years ago. I remember hauling it home thinking "I'll probably never use this thing". It's sitting on my stove right this moment, waiting for me to think about what to make for dinner tonight. Best $5 I ever spent.

OMG this is going to be my go to bread recipe forever! I love, love, love it! Thanks Corey for your amusing story and for finding Jennycancook!
Love your blog, sorry about having to cancel your Spring Shopping tours but we will all be back at the markets when the time is right. Fingers crossed!
Stay safe and well and please lovingly pinch little Gabriel’s cheeks for all the Grandmere’s around the world missing their grandbabies. Merci!

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