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14 January 2021


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I am grateful for the trivialness - the pressure to turn the page of 2020= the word for the year- practice mindfulness - be the change -intense political talk even injected into the innocent bread post and all this talk not changing anyones mind- the virus-the list is long and tiresome -i'm tired of reading it hearing it thinking about it- I LONGED FOR A POST TO DRIFT INTO TO GET LOST IN --TO IMAGINE TO ADMIRE I adore this -

I'd never heard of this fascinating art-form before, but I love it!

You always share such interesting things and your words always captivate me.
Blessings for us all in 2021.
God protect us all
Love Jeanne

I so adore pique-assiette and have this site on my list to visit. I have a planter but am always looking for more :). Thank you for your inspiring posts, they bring so much light and joy during such a dark time.

Beautiful photos with a beautiful thought provoking message.

So interesting, Corey! What tales might be told!

Simply fascinating! I wonder how you could have resisted this piece, but you captured it wonderfully both visually and poetically. Thank you.

How right you are about it being a wonderful storybook for a child to explore - much like the sharing of old quilts made from children's clothes. Perfect post for the stress of these times. Thanks for all the beauty you bring to our lives.

Wow. That is beautiful. I am learning about capacity. Why has no one ever pointed that out to me? Do I have the capacity for the item. Ah it’s a hard hard lesson.
I wanted to pass on a link to you. The artisans contributing to this auction have some phenomenal pieces. The cause of the auction is close to my heart as I fight cancer and I know you and your family have done so and are doing it again. Plus your followers would appreciate the pieces in the on line auction. They have that ‘feeling’ like your finds. If this isn’t allowed please delete. Have enjoyed following you for years!!

Given the grave concerns re the world's environment, it occurs to me that brocanting epitomizes all four principles of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink!

This particularly struck me while looking at these Picassiettes, an art form that does for broken porcelain what quilts (used to) do for fabric scraps.

Thanks Corey...did not know the name or history of this, but I still have a box of China that I collected over 20 yrs ago...the plan was for stepping stones for my garden!! When the weather warms, I'm on it!!

Hello! This post reminds me of the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia!



I love this dresser and this post mad me think of this temple I saw in Thailand built in the 1700’s. The ships ballast was all broken China and used to make this amazing temple. I have saved broken China for years (“want:need”) with the idea of making garden stepping stones. Maybe one day! The struggle is real to not becoming a hoarder. One day I’d love to see this house in Chartres.

Great post Corey! This is such an interesting piece! Have a great New Year!

Just WOW! I have never seen pieces like this. I did once break a favorite teacup and found somewhere to make a charm for my bracelet out of a piece of it. I love it still, but whole pieces of furniture are amazing!!!

Once again your eye for beauty and poetic language are interesting and inspirational. Thank you, Corey.

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