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31 January 2021


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The brother in the black motorcycle jacket looks like pictures I've seen of your dad. The brother in the tan coat looks like Sacha. I cannot tell who looks like you.

If Marty is the oldest brother, you and he were "only kids" for a time (until number 3 showed up:). You have a rich bounty of family. Your time now reminds me of a saying by Ranier Maria Wilke:

Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final

The aching beauty of all-out, full-throttle love for all of those guys...and the all-encompassing shroud of sadness when something goes awry. Your sadness is not final, it will, one day, give way to the rich bounty of family memories. I love that you are swimming in that rich bounty right now. You are so brave and so strong.
Take special care my friend,

Corey dear, those are precious photographs. Holding your family close in my heart. xx

and because you have shared them I love them too....Jackie I love what you wrote I needed to trad that- about feelings - with peace and love for all to all

and because you have shared them I love them too....Jackie I love what you wrote I needed to trad that- about feelings - with peace and love for all to all

What Jackie said is beautiful. We are holding you from afar on this Journey Corey. Thinking of you daily and sending light and healing energy your way.

Love seeing these snaps!!!

Beautiful pictures of your brothers. Families are a wonderful blessing. Take care.

As Jackie observed, Mark looks so much like your dad, pre Bells Palsy.
Marty reminds me of your Uncle Frank.
Zane looks like so many of our Portuguese cousins and Mathew
is uniquely himself. You are all the best bits and pieces of George and Dolores Amaro,
a couple for the ages, each the baby of the family. Love you all.

I too grew up with 4 brothers. 3 younger. No sisters. And we were RC. Italian mother. I feel lucky to be a part of that wonderfully boisterous family Blessings on you and all you love

Your family pictures are so beautiful and full of love. Very handsome brothers.............
God's blessings and love and prayers held for each one in your family.
My love is sent to you all.
Big hugs
Love Jeanne

Nice to see such a handsome bunch of blokes!

Oh what handsome bunch of fun lovin guys. Your dear Mother had her hands full. Wow Jackie’s post touched on all the feelings. I know it’s so hard to be in France when you so want to be in Willows. Take deep breaths, long walks, big hugs from baby Gabe! You are so loved 🥰

What a handsome, beautiful gene pool! And surely an amazing pool of memories you share. May you all continue to be drenched in blessings!

Thank you, Corey, for the photos. May all of you continue to find strength and love and laughter in each other right now!

Wonderful photos Corey. You caught them in their essence over a shared bond of what they love and who they are.

What a bunch of fun looking guys!! Boy did your mom have her hands full, no wonder she’s so clever.
Thinking of you. xx

Wow, I grew up with only one older sister. I CANNOT imagine how much fun/trouble/different/maybe irritating at times/loving it must have been for you not only with four brothers but being the oldest. Can’t even wrap my head around it, but I know I would love it today to have such a big family. Sending love and more to all of you, especially your Mom.

Ahhh I remember when you first posted these photos. Where does time go...do you remember what that day felt like? Of course you do. It is embedded in your mind like a wax seal. I wasn't there, but I have memories just like this of my brother...just one. My mind wonders back to the day when I look at the old black and white photos my Mother took. Mike is gone now, as are the photographers, but a picture is a permanent memory.

Lifting your family up in prayer.

I absolutely love how you captured this moment, Corey! Sending love and continued heartfelt prayers. You are all on my mind.

Such a close-knit crew. Your family is greatly blessed, as are those privileged to share your journeys through this life.

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