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18 January 2021


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The organization and implementation of a covid response in France is impressive. I am hoping to get a vaccine by the end of April I'm very happy to hear that your Mom can get her vaccine soon. Everyone I know is hoping Biden can organize and implement something here in the US too.

I wish the US could actually suggest, enact, enforce, or beg citizens to wear a mask (properly) at all times when out of their homes, if we *all* did, perhaps we could get through this mess sooner, or for those who doubt the science/effectiveness, it would at least prove the efficacy one way or the other.

Alas the greatest country on earth is filled to the brim with citizens who have been taught and now live with the false notion that *any* inconvenience is an infringement upon their rights, even if it means saving their grandmother, that kid down the street who has a preexisting condition, or your waitress with the heart condition she never talks about... easy targets... all people who probably are living through much worse restrictions or requirements than breathing through 2 layers of cotton; but I digress.

Oh, Corey, this made me remember our friends at the pizza shop in St Zach. Hope they are well. So sad! ❤️

In Maryland, the vaccine is rolling out with educators being vaccinated this week along side assisted living & nursing home residents and those over 75. While I only visit my Whole Foods market once a week, I only see individuals very compliant to the mask and social distancing rules. Proud of my fellow Marylanders and Annapolis residents with hopes of a spring season of wellness for all. Take care.

Dear Corey,

Thanks for the chuckle of the first part of this post; I can't imagine how challenging it is for those who live alone. Yes, that is wonderful that your Mother will be vaccinated soon (my hubby was last week in the US, yeah!). I am in the queue in Nice as well.

Pauline, I was raised that the US is the "greatest" country in the world; white women like myself have had a bit of an awakening the past few decades. Living abroad has been an amazing education.

But, I too digress :) My requests to the Universe continue to be for health and safety for all.

As for France, I am so grateful to live where masks are enforced (albeit no area is perfect). My heart is full for the US where our three granddaughters live; may Madame Harris show these young ladies (also of mixed race) and all Americans what true leadership means.

Prenez soin de vous,

I love that giggle from the isolation diary. We must find something to make us laugh and bring us joy each day. I am glad you wrote about your quarantine restrictions.
Here we are on a very strict stay at home isolation until February 20th. Masks must be worn even in our condo outside in hallways,elevators, the lobby. Sanitize often wash hands very often, social distancing when going out for essentials only.
I am not sure when my husband I will be designated for our vaccines.
Perhaps in the spring.
Praying for God to protect us all and keep us all covid free.
I am glad your Mom is getting her shot.

Thanks for the chuckle Corey. We had our first vaccine Jan 4 and second Feb 1. My friends who procrastinated will have to wait as there is a vaccine shortage at the moment. In Dallas and in Texas covid is out of control. Some are compliant some aren’t. My doc told me not to change one thing after our second vaccine as we will be in the minority for quite sometime. So glad your Mother is getting her shot. Stay safe ♥️

Thanks for the diary chuckles! Needed that for sure. At 64 it will be awhile for me but I have no quabbles wearing a mask. Let others go first.

Love the quarantine diary. I'm adding that to my COVID diary. I have had my first shot and will get my second on February 5. It will be a relief, but I'm rooting for everyone else to get theirs as soon as possible. No end in sight until we all are inoculated.

It would be wonderful to have masks be the rule, but too often they are ignored. In Oregon, the majority of the shops will now deny you access without your mask, but after entry you can find folks have removed them or slid them down their face so that they are ineffective. Vaccine distribution has been spotty, especially in states that were not firmly in support of the administration. The status of the vaccine supplies has been dealt with like smoke and mirrors. I suspect we will learn some facts as to the true supply amounts within the next week so plans for distribution can be finalized. Looking for safety for all.

Where I live near Boston it is the same. When you step out of your house you have a mask on. Everyone over 2 must wear one and they do. I can’t imagine living in parts of the US where they don’t believe in science.
As a nurse it also infuriates me. I think those who refuse to wear a mask should not be allowed to take up a hospital bed when they get sick. Why should their “freedom” be more important to the lives of healthcare workers. Restaurants are open at 25 percent capacity but many have gone out of business as they can’t even fill them @ 25 percent nor make any money. It’s very sad. I’m hopeful now that Biden and Harris will be in office now.

It is amazing how many Americans have no worries about contracting Covid but are
suspicious of the vaccine. Backwards thinking in my opinion.
Also, I, unfortunately, am a smoker. I can’t smoke ANYWHERE...even if I am outside. Non-smokers act like they will die immediately if they smell a cigarette, treat me like I am a leper, and have no hesitation talking about how “Gross” smoking is. But, will NOT wear a mask and have no concern for the people around them getting sick. And Iam okay with that, I get it and respect the rules.
In my town we are mandated to wear masks in stores. But in Walmart the majority do not wear one. The store won’t do anything about it because they’re worried about violent reactions. If I had the guts I’d light a cigarette in the aisle. I bet you a million I’d be told to leave and the police would be called.
Can not wait until all this is over!!!!

I'm in the UK. with an indecisive Government! Why won't they make it illegal to be outside your home without a mask? We have dreadfully high death figures, schools closed, hospitals overwhelmed, all except food shops closed, restaurants, bars closed, no follow up to hospital visits, no appointments with our doctor, no dentists available (what they are doing I have no idea) Many jobs lost. Personally I have been in lockdown since Feb 2020 due to age and health conditions. I have hardly seen my children and grandchildren, only on a couple of occasions when they visited outside my house and kept their distance and wore masks. Right now we have high numbers of covid cases due to the government encouraging families to meet up at Christmas. We have no idea when we will be vaccinated, originally it was going to be two injections three weeks apart, now it's one if you are lucky. I'm sorry to rant, I'm just feeling very exasperated after the latest Government meeting broadcast on radio, full of blame for Joe public and no action from the "leaders" Stay strong everyone - It will get better.

I can't even get an appointment at this time. Hoping for the end of February or in March, but it is only a hope.

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