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25 January 2021


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And my prayers are with him.

Keeping all of you in prayer.

I wish I could be there to just sit there...by your side.

My prayers are with all of you.

Praying for you and your brother and your family.

I am united with you them and the love and prayers that surround him.

Thinking of Marty, and everyone who loves him.

You are all in heart, thought and prayer.

I pray for your brother, your mom, and your entire family, Cory. I don't comment much on your blog, but I'm here, and I care, and I pray.

I pray. I will. I do.

Chère Corey,

Je pense à vous et votre famille. Je vous tiendrai dans mon cœur et je prierai pour tous.


My thoughts are with you...and your family.

Oh, Corey. How I wish you could be there in body as well as spirit. This must be so hard for you. I'm willing to bet that he and the rest of the family feels your presence and love.

My heart and prayers are with Marty, you and your family, dear Corey.

My thoughts are with Marty, you...and your family Corey. Hugs Lorna

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
God bless you all
Love Jeanne

You are all in my heart and prayers. Corey, I hope you find comfort in knowing you are a most wonderful sister and a fantastic woman. From cradle to everlasting we are always with our beloved siblings. My most heartfelt thoughts I send to you.

Praying that love and strength continue to surround Marty and your entire family.

My heart breaks for you, Corey. We are sending you love.

Such a hard road you are on, Corey. Thinking of you often and sending strength and love.

Sending you love and strength, Corey, and prayers for Marty and your whole family.

God's blessings & prayers for you & your family at this most difficult time.

Prayers for you, Marty, your Mother, your entire family. This is such a difficult time, I’m so glad Marty could come home❤️

Prayers of comfort & love for Marty, your Mom, you & all your family.
Ann, St. L.

Heartfelt thoughts and prayers for Marty and all who love him.

Oh Corey ... sending much love, to you and all your family ...

Thinking of you and your entire family💕🙏

Wishing you all peace and comfort.

Dear Corey, I have never posted on your bog before but have started each morning praying for Marty and your family.


Perhaps a dear little cherub, like the one whose face is barely emerging on this piece of cloth, is sending a message to your brother and your family, that the journey will be a peaceful one. We find our comfort in little signs. Bless you, Corey.

I know you want to be there too. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.

Love you. Sending continued prayers.

Sending hot sunny warmth to Marty and all of your family from across the world...Jennifer

We are all just walking each other home. (ram das)

The time is never right for us here on this side of heaven. And it hurts so much.

Praying comfort and ease for Marty and for those of you who love him so well.

Sending a hug from my heart to yours.

Praying for all of the family.

He knows you’re with him. Continued prayers my friend.

Dear Corey, I am holding Marty, you and your family, close in my heart. Love to you.

Praying for Marty and your family 💜

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