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30 January 2021


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Oh how I love this. God bless your Mom for giving you all this gift.
Much love always

this is one of the most beautiful posts...

...and Corey, you take after your Mom. This post literally took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to you all.

Beautiful bike and your mom is wonderful.

But last time Sacha visited Willows he quarantined for 2 weeks. How is it that now he goes for the weekend?

Hi Lil,

Last time he quarantined due to lack of work due to covid so he came to Willows. He wanted to come into my mother's home so he quarantined so that he could come inside. Nobody has been in my mother's house since March with the exception of repairs. This time Sacha is not staying with my mother. He has not been in her home, nor hugged her. If you see in the photo he is wearing a mask and he is outside. Because of his work, he takes a covid test every two weeks.


Sounds good. Thanks for explaining.

Oh Corey❤️

What a beautiful and symbolic tribute to your father and brother...your mother has a deep understanding of what truly matters and is the life raft in the storm....
And you Corey are a great photographer and an even better writer....

Dear Corey - your mother holds all of your hearts - both those here and those gone ahead - what a blessing.

A nice thought that your Dad is leading the way with your Mom to guide them both....

Je vous connais mieux que vous ne pouvez me connaitre parce que je vous lis chaque jour et que je n'écris pas. Mais chaque jour quand je suis seule quelque part je pense à votre frère à cette douloureuse situation. Ce matin je pleure avec tristesse et émotion particulières ; je suis quelque part à Willow et je suis une moto le long des rizières...mes prières sont pour vous tous.

That was so beautiful Corey. Love and continued prayers.

What a gift ♥️ So much love within one family!

What an amazing Mom you have!
I’m sure your Dad is waiting for your brother.

What a tender gesture from a loving family.

Dearest Corey,

When the «coast is clear » I am going to rent a car and go to Willows and demand that your mom adopt me. I have to try to wrap my head around motorcycles and the love of God. I think God must be on those motorcycle rides along with your dad and George and Sacha.

So much love in this family ...this brings tears to my eyes.

Wiping tears from my eyes. Sorrow, love, memories all come together in your father's motorcycle.
Your mother's home is like our house. We too are in isolation. We all miss our family and friends so much.

Prayers for the whole world.

Your Mom is so wonderful and totally amazing! You are all blessed by her love, insight, inspiration and heart. Sending prayers and keeping you close in my thoughts.

The last time I saw the Harley, it was ridden into the Parish Hall at your Dad's funeral....I cried.

Oh how I wish that I had a mother like yours to learn from...so I will take all that I can from this post and learn from her! Thank you for sharing this -such a great post!


I do not write in French but I can read it. Thank you for your tender message and for leaving a comment. I read every one of them, though I rarely write back... I feel I know those who comment here and that is why I write, I would miss seeing everyone if I stopped blogging.

Ed, Yes, it was not planned that my brother Mathew rode into the hall with my mother during my father's funeral reception... It was a fabulous tender tear jerking moment. It brought everyone to their feet.

Jennie, My mom loves company, so when the coast is clear let me know and I will let her know so she can bake a pie.

xxxx Thank you everyone for your loving support.

What a precious thing to do.
I love that she was honoring your dad, but other family too.

Love this so much! ❤️😘

What a blessed Mother! She knows how to bring your fa
Family together at this time when you all need each other. Sacha was so good to go. Your family is a family of love we all hope and prayer for brother at
This time. We love you Corey!

Making sense of it all is so healing. Sending love.

your Mom is a genius. Praying that you and your family will find the strength and courage you need to face the days ahead. Your Dad's bike, the memories you hold dear, your faith, will carry you thru this journey. With Love, hugs and prayers.

Such a beautiful post, you and your Mother! Bless all of your lovely family.

Tears and choked up after reading. The men on my mother’s side were Harley men and my father and his side British bikes. Your mother is coping with such grace.

A beautiful passage to glory with the motorcycle club all waiting to welcome their new member.
Much love to you all XX

I saw Sacha’s post and wept for all the love and closeness that motorcycle represents. May you all find special comfort in your family’s deep roots of love.

With love and the promise of prayers,

WONDERFUL !!!! And, your Mom is soooo smart !!!!!! Sending my Angels and Blessings to all of You.

That deep soulful Harley rumble.
I loved seeing Sasha riding it!

How very wise your mother is. ❤️

May the roar of the Harley bring you all exhilaration, joy, and peace. What a healer your mother is!

God's Blessing on the experience of Hope, Love and Family that your mother gave to each of you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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