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21 January 2021


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She impressed me greatly as well. Thanks for sharing this.
I was moved to tear watching it.
New hope, new beginnings

Much love Jeanne

American poet Amanda Gorman captured the world’s attention with her stirring reading of “The Hill We Climb,” a rousing poem she composed in honour of the 46th presidential inauguration. The 22-year-old’s words reflect this day in history and the hope of a brighter tomorrow. ​

Just like President Joe Biden, and renowned poet Maya Angelou, Gorman had a speech impediment as a child and worked tirelessly to become the speaker she is today. She is the youngest poet to ever give a reading at a presidential inauguration—and her words now resonate worldwide.​
What I read on an Instagram on Indigo Posting. Such an impressive young lady. Impressive Speech.

Let the healing begin!

Amen to all previous comments!




I haven't felt that inspired or hopeful for four years, maybe more. What she did was a poetic miracle, and the whole world watched.

It was a glorious and proud moment. A wonderful poem that captured the fog we all lived through. And of course she's from Los Angeles. ;-)

It was exhilarating to hear her marvelous words.

I'm grateful to have tuned in to the bideninaugural.org site, I enjoyed every moment.

Susan in Zurich

Beautiful Amanda Gorman was Writer in Residence at the American Library in Paris, summer 2020. She represents the future. What a gift. Thank you for posting her words today.

Wasn't she just lovely. Her graceful gestures, dignity and beautiful words were exactly what I was looking for in the ceremony. Beautiful.

In one interview she said "I want to emphasize that words (written and spoken) matter!" She certainly is brave enough to be the light. I was very touched by her poem, kudos to this impressive and inspiring young adult!

She is spectacular! The entire inauguration (I watched it all,) had me in tears. I felt hopeful again. I felt grateful and thankful and hopeful again. Her recitation was a highlight.

"President of Maryland university [Morgan State] offers inaugural poet Amanda Gorman a job via Twitter":

She was and is and will be a glorious woman, we have years to enjoy her light and enthusiasm bringing her beautiful words to all who will listen. I am so relieved and full of hope for our democracy! Thank you for posting her poem! God Blessed the USA!!

So very beautiful in every way! As Jeanne said, “ New hope, new beginnings.”

Elle est incroyable! She gives us all hope for a better world. As the grandmother of three "Brown" girls, my thanks Amanda and to Madame Harris.

Peace, love, santé.

Bonne fin de semaine à tous.

Thank you Corey for printing that. So much new hope and emotion. Praying for Gods continued mercy on our land. We needed new hope and be able to Believe and trust, and rest a bit. Blessings to all

Thank you, Corey! Amanda is a gift to our broken country, reminding us of hope and possibilities.

“What we have before us are some breathtaking opportunities disguised as insoluble problems.” John W. Gardner

Thank you for printing this and posting a photograph capturing Amanda's beautiful hand movements that were as captivating as her wonderful words. I cried off and on Wednesday morning and cried again as I read this. It is such a relief...

Ms. Gorman did not read or recite this poem at the Inauguration; she performed it. I hope, Corey, that you have seen and heard that performance and urge you to watch the video of it if you have not. Although the text of this poem is a work of art in itself, seeing and hearing the poet perform the poem conveys dimensions of meaning, both emotional and spiritual, that I would not want you to miss.💜Leslie

We walk towards the light.

Thank you for posting the poem. Like so many, I was brought to tears by her graceful expressive recitation.

I had read that Oprah Winfrey sent the jewelry Ms. Gorman wore. The earrings and the ring. The ring was a beautiful caged-bird. Literally, a birdcage on her finger. I knew it's significance at once! "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou.

She is a very impressive young woman.
I can be proud of the future she brings to our country.

She brought me to tears when she read that during the inauguration. It was the first inauguration that we, as a family, sat together and watched-start to finish. We felt such a sense of hope again. We all wept. Wept with relief and wept with hope.

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