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02 February 2021


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Praying for him and all of you today. We'll certainly light a candle for Marty in our home chapel. Praying for you as well. (((hugs)))

Candles lit and prayers for peace and comfort for you and your beautiful family.

Lighting one right now. And sending love.

How wonderful to be so loved XX

We'll light a candle for your brother and say a prayer.

Your wonderful neighbors and friends. I was so in awe of your Willows community when I went to your dad's commemoration, now many years ago. So many people that cared and supported your family. It was unlike anywhere that I'd been.

Lighting a candle now for your brother. Blessings and love sent. xxx Rhonda

anything for you for him for all who love him and are united in this intention

the candle is lit, sending my love for my cousin Marty and for you all

God bless Marty. He will surely find his way home.

Candle lit, prayers lifted.

Lighting a candle now and praying for your brother Marty, and for you, and your whole family.

A candle has been lit in honor of your beloved brother. Heartfelt prayers and love are being sent for all.

Dear, dear Corey, consider it done. May Marty and your entire family feel our love.

I will light a candle with that intention and prayer. Joining in sending love to him, to you and to your family, Leslie

As I write this, I am lighting every candle in my home, my most wonderful Partner, Loo Wood, is playing a fantastic song on his Acoustic Guitar, Thorn Tree in the Garden, it is so very special. Brothers are God's Gift to Girls..... cradle and beyond, forever Friends. Marty will "Ride on Forever with your Dad" a most heavenly Gift. You are all in our Hearts and we send our prayers and blessings.

Will do❤

Lighting a candle in daytime now to bring extra love and light.

I will light a candle for Marty. God Bless.

Oh Corey thinking of you all and the candles will light his way to the rainbow bridge.

One is glowing for Marty in New Zealand....thinking of you all...Jennifer

Another candle, lit this morning in Switzerland, along with prayers for Marty, and loved ones.

How wonderful that Marty's neighbors demonstrated their love and care in such a meaningful way.

“ We are bathed in the same light.” Rumi.


The candle is glowing for your brother Marty and prayers and love for you all
Love Jeanne

I will light a candle. My heart breaks for you all.

I am lighting a candle for your dear brother in Burgundy, with love.

May Marty feel the Light, the many candles of love, our prayers —- and the peace.

Elles sont allumées dans l'ouest de la France entre Nantes et La Rochelle pour son chemin.

Lighting a candle for Cory & Marty with love


Candle lit in Massachuestts...
xo my friend,

Sending light and love to Marty and to your family.

Last night I lit my candles and invited my college son in Chico to join. Prayers and love for you all.


Dear Corey,
Candles lit in Colebrook, CT.
Sending love and prayers for Marty, you and your family.

Praying for light to illuminate and guide Marty home. Praying the good Lord watch and keep Marty's family and friends 💜

Candle and prayer. Blessings to you and your family.

Lit a candle last night for Marty.


Praying for a peaceful and beautiful passage home. 🙏

I have had a candle burning for Marty every day since you first told your readers he had been diagnosed. My heartfelt prayers for him and for all your family. God bless the Willows community.

Candle is lit. Praying dear cousin Marty.❤

Sending our prayers for your brother, Marty. Praying God Wraps him in his arms with comfort & love. xo, Dave & Teresa

From Canada, candle and a heartfelt prayer for your brother...

Four candles lit and I put a cushion on the floor and knelt down and said some prayers. There are so many family members waiting on the other side with arms wide open. He leaves one place where he is loved by many and ascends to another where he is loved by many. He will never be without love.

Corey, a candle and prayers for your brother and your family, as his journey continues into the arms and light of God.

Dear Corey, a candle glows for Marty. Peace and comfort to all of you.

Done in his name

For You and your family....

I missed this time and am wowed by the outpouring of love for you, Marty, and your family by lighting the prayer candles. How extraordinary that was. I've never seen that before and think it is an amazing connection of love.

May Marty be at rest in Love's Perfection.

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