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04 February 2021


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I think I can speak for most everyone when I say you are most welcome and thank you in return for bringing a diverse group of people from around the world together, through the vicissitudes, the ups, and the downs of life, in beauty and love. You are remarkable and we are grateful to be with you. Happy Birthday Corey.

You are a beacon of light....truly a beacon of light my friend. Close your eyes and feel my arms wrapped around you.

Ces photographies sont tellement belles, pleines de poésie des instants passés; elles sont les reflets de vos paroles et votre écriture donne une autre vie à ceux bercés de la paix céleste.

Jackie said it best I have thought of you and all whom you love non-stop life is ….. well all those things you said.... love that is a whole other facet - life and love - exhilarating and exhausting and everything in between-

Amen to all above comments! Happy Birthday Friend, we all love you!

Happy Birthday, fellow Aquarian. Please accept my condolences for the going home of your brother Marty. I know you and your family will miss him very much. After many years, I still check in daily on your posts on IG. Wouldn’t miss seeing your great finds! I think I enjoy “the hunt” as much as you do.

Happy Birthday, Corey! I wanted to wish it earlier because of the time difference, but work got in the way. I just read the news of your brother and I am so very sorry for your loss. God bless him, you and your family. I lost my brother 15 months ago, one day he was here and healthy - the next day, gone . . .he had just turned 60, and my dear father had just passed three months before. It's shocking, life is hard and full of joy at the same time, a roller coaster we are blessed to ride . . .your words sum it up perfectly and help process the pain. much love, d.

I'm touched by how happy young Marty is in the top photo.

Even if the cost of love is grief, it is so, so worth it. Loving you. Loving your whole family.

My heart is with you , today and all days, for you, your brother and your family , for all you do for them and for all of us ,your extended family. Home in Peace Marty xo

The loss of a younger brother is a deep, rich, challenging journey. 2020 took one of my three younger brothers and each time I read about Marty, and particularly while you were back on the family homestead, my tears of sisterhood flowed freely as I so deeply felt your story, the tender pieces of being an older sister to a beloved younger brother. Candles are lit each day for Marty, his family, your mother and her wonderful extended family, and your family, Corey. My loving arms reach across the globe to give you a loving, caring hug.😢💖🙏🙏🙏💖😢

Oh Corey...wishing you a birthday of love and tenderness from all of us your readers. Know that you and your family are being held by our prayers.
Much love ❤️

So much emotion…..sending all my Angels to assist you and your Family, and wishing you B-Day blessings as you continue to carry on with the strength that we all admire.

Life is certainly full of every kind of twist and turn.....it seems that your brother had a rich life with a loving and all encompassing family around him all the way....it is hard to know what to say to you just now, I know when I lost my father and brother in law in the space of a couple of months a year or so ago it was hard to comprehend....but we do have to keep moving and always remember and treasure the times we had with them...

Birthday wishes to you from across the sea in a warm and summery New Zealand.....xx Jennifer

Blessings, love and prayers to you and your beautiful family.
To die is to live in the hearts of those that loved us forever.

Very touching sentiments from everyone. May the words, the love and the support bring you comfort
during your time of grief.
Love Jeanne

Thank you for your messages they help as we navigate through
loss and grief.

Debra and Kristen I am sorry to learn that you are on this path too.
I pray for holy guidance and courage to follow.

We celebrate you Corey ❤️ and the life of Marty. God speed.

Birthday wishes to you, Corey on this bittersweet day. You are so right about life going on. I shared those same feelings when my Daddy died. I felt like the world should have stopped. On the way home from the hospital i wanted people at the stoplight to be sad and perhaps even crying instead of jivin to the music on their radio. Beautiful memories of your lil brother, may they be so comforting.

“Hang on and live it” no truer words Corey. As I’ve aged I’ve come to realize I can hold joy and sorrow @ the same moment in time. As a child I didn’t know that. I wondered how people could be living their daily lives as if my profound sense of loss had never happened. Love, faith and grace will get your family through as it always has. Sending you big virtual hugs, Michelle

Sending love and hugs for your birthday, Corey. Also sending more love to you and your family for the loss of your dear brother. May you all be comforted by remembering the life that he lived. Love, Cindy

Sending love and Birthday wishes to you as you move through all the emotions of losing a brother. Prayers to you and your entire family.

Hard to say "Happy" Birthday when your heart is full of grief. How can one feel happy and very sad at the same time? Only with God's comforting grace can this happen. He takes our sorrow and shines his light on us. We feel the warm embrace of his love through our family, friends and even strangers who hold us up with kindness. I remember having to get on a airplane to be by my dad's side before he passed. I couldn't contain my sorrow as I waited to board the airplane. The stewardess was so kind and understanding and stayed with me until I boarded. Strangers all around me were giving me words of comfort. God gives us what we need to carry on. He showers us with his love. With loss of a loved one we are transformed, made stronger and better. With time we are back on track and life goes on with our daily tasks as we reminisce. Hugs on your Birthday, prayers for you and your family.

Corey, I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LOSS OF YOUR BROTHER. YOU ARE BRAVE AND STRONG and loved by so many. your family is special and yes, the full circle of life confirms our faith and hope and love. Hold tight, that grandson of yours, you are witness to endings and beginnings.

I was looking at the pictures and when looking at Marty in the first two, Gabriel popped into my mind. I see a resemblance. Beautiful smile! Love you!

This is one of the most beautiful and profound things I've ever read. Contrasting the huge mystery of death, the emptiness and searing pain of grief with the banality of everyday life really captures what life is like after a loss. My husband of 41 years died 3 weeks ago of Covid. Sending continued love and prayers to you. I feel a connection.

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