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10 February 2021


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tender hugs as we all remember the good we know in family, our friends, and even strangers- just good people, all around us, leading our way to love even more. sweet memories as we recall our loved ones wherever they are, miles or eternally far from us. and comfort, hope, and praise for the reunion awaiting us when we hold each other again.

Oh my gosh! That is such a beautiful, deep, thought-provoking song! I'm praying for you, and your brother and family. You are such a beautiful person to have in my life. And in all our lives!!!

I am sitting on the couch in Massachusetts, USA having a good cry with you. Thank you Corey and Marty for this tender lesson in wisdom, even at this time of profound loss.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is the ultimate sadness. It really is life changing when we have to say good-bye. Take care, each day is a new beginning. Blessings.

It is such an honor, and so loving, to simply walk each other home.... xo

Sitting here with tears streaming down my face. For all of us who have lost ones we love, that song just pierces the heart. I am so very sorry for the loss of your brother. God bless you and your lovely family and may he hold you ever so tight.

So beautiful. And Marty's last conversation with you is to be a treasured memory. Sending you, as always, so much love.

Caring words from your brother are such a special way of remembrance. They are gifts.

wow, this is so powerful. Once again, your ability to share your life and thoughts through this blog have made an imprint . . . thank you. So, so sorry for the loss of the brother.

Oh Lordy, no wonder you cry. God is near the brokenhearted.

I don’t know anybody who didn’t like him growing up. He was always himself and seemed comfortable with who he was Like an old soul. It’s what drew people to him.


So beautiful Corey....

and sad
Sending love and prayers from Zurich 🙏

So touching as are all of your postings.
Such a profound sound deeply touching us all.
You will always have the thousands of memories of your brother to carry in your heart forever.
Love never changes not even in death.
He will hear your every prayer.
God bless you all as you walk tenderly through the days of grief.
Those who live forever in our hearts are never far away.
Thanks for sharing your heart Corey
We all love you so very much and send blessings to your family always

Beautiful, Corey. My heart is with your heart.

Dear Friend..I have been listening to this song since Roger’s Father passed last year.
At first it underscored the sadness I felt and then I realized that yes the words were sung in sadness but the question
was about living..and the choice we have in how we live it. The song has become a touch stone..a meditation.

So very sorry for the loss, his, your family.

Depuis plusieurs jours j'allume des bougies dès que je le peux et mon homme me demande "pourquoi" ?  Dans l'ouest de la France, entre Nantes et La Rochelle, où le verglas a sévit aujourd'hui, je suis rentrée tard en pensant à vous et j'ai pris de vos nouvelles dans le silence de l'hiver. A cet instant No Hard Feelings emplit mon cœur et ma maison et mon mari interpellé par la force du son s'inquiète : Que fais-tu ? Je pleure. Dans l'instant suivant j'ai partagé  avec mes enfants et je vous remercie pour ces pleurs libérateurs. Une année derrière nous... vous étiez proche des vôtres à Willows : je me souviens de cette période lointaine et proche à la fois. Bien  difficile d'oublier ces mois inattendus et bouleversants.                                             
Enfants nous chantions "Ils étaient trois garçons" et c'est ce chant d'enfant que j'associais à votre vécu de ces derniers mois. Ma mère avait quatre frères et l'un d'entre eux est mort brutalement loin de sa maison en 1985. Ce frère avait peu d'écart avec elle et je me souviens de sa douleur. Si je pleure ce soir c'est pour ces mémoires suspendues avec lesquelles ils sont encore en vie. No Hard Feelings me transporte vers eux et peut-être une guérison se profilera en leur absence. Alors merci Corey de partager tant et tant et demain je reviendrai vous lire.  

What a beautiful song...I had never heard it and it really makes you think. Thinking of you...Hugs! Dave & Teresa

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