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19 February 2021


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OK, I'll bite!

Name: Kathie B

Age: Geezette

Present-day feeling: Terrified I won't be able to accomplish everything I want to do.

A color you would never wear: Yellow-green, because it makes my complexion look sallow.

Favorite color: Anything in the blue spectrum, from seafoam/jade to lavender/purple (but curiously, also pale butter yellow, go figure!).

Favorite foods: Chocolate. Apricots.

Common food I hate: Coffee (I once drank half a cup. The end.)

georgeanne goes by dolly at home in neighborhood and with childhood friends
more than 50 less than 60 even typing that shocks me
second born- first girl -2 siblings younger than me-- one sister and one brother first
born brother
never wear pink or blue(well navy I do) or yellow or green prefer white cream black
red is my favorite color intense and passionate-
tired of winter tired of snow tired of grey cold days longing for spring but more so summer
exhausted caring for an aging parent with multiple issues day and night=longing for sleep uninterrupted
food pizza
strong coffee in the morning
love being around the water and people who are funny and quick to make others feel at home

Julie, 65, but until recently looked younger.
I feel grateful that in Augusta, GA, USA, my husband and I just received our second Covid vaccine, but I feel concerned that so many have not. I am also concerned every day about the state of my country's political health. Why do my countrymen favor autocracy these days?
I love your photos of Gabriel--what a beautiful child!
I would never wear a pastel; when I am not in sweatpants and a t-shirt I wear vivid COLOR. My glasses are RED, my pandemic hair silver.
I love nature, animals (I raised orphaned raccoons) and anything French. My father served in WWII as a pharmacist in a general hospital on the French/Swiss border, and nearly married a French nurse named Regine, but she would not move to the U.S. so they parted. So many stories from my dad who wore a beret back home in Iowa. Pinch me--I visited Paris and Normandy in 2010.
I LOVE diversity and wish people were more tolerant of one another, and more cooperative. Everyone has something important to contribute.

name: Barbara
age: 72 ( how the heck did that happen?!)
I'm the 6th of 7 siblings; 2 brothers and my sister have passed away, leaving huge holes in our family
feeling: worried for my remaining siblings who live in TX and OK. Relieved that their weather is moderating.
color: I never wear orange or green. My favorite color is pink and all of its shades from wine, plum, burgundy all the way down to blush.
I stopped coloring my hair when I was 69. So glad I did!
I love to eat all kinds of food, but have to watch my intake as I'm only 5'1" - the shortest in my family, other than my Grandmother who was 4'11"
Love reading your words, Corey, and hearing about your family and your life. I'm so sorry that Marty has passed away, but am convinced you will meet again.

middle of the (8-children) pack
aware, so aware, of the clock.
Tick, Tick, Tick...
Never wears green
Loves black

Name: Ella

Age 62

Present-day feeling. Hopeful

A color you would never wear. None

Favorite color. Pink

other... holding others in my heart.

you want to use this example or your own:

Name: Rose Marie

Age: not acknowledged

Present-day feeling: triste

A color you would never wear: yellow

Favorite color: 💙

Name Debbie
Age 59
Present day feeling: Trying to come to terms with the loss of my husband 3 1/2 years ago and empty nesting, my sons leaving home and our home town

Colour I would never wear: Turquoise
Favourite colour: orange

The photographs are all so lovely. I love photographs so much.

Present day feeling so happy spring will soon arrive. I have had the long winter and isolation blues due to covid lock downs.

I love the pastel colours of spring and cannot wait to hear all the birds singing, blossoms on trees, flowers in abundance, sunshine and joy and happiness.
I love all kinds of food except fried or too spicy.
Every morning I drive to Starbucks to get a skinny vanilla latte with soy milk.
I love family, friends, my faith, music good books and great people. Thankful and blessed beyond measure and everything to me is a treasure. I loved reading all your posts. And Thank you Corey always. Much love Jeanne X0X0

59 but feeling 20
Feeling adrift looking for my next adventure
Artist who loves all colors
Widow of ten years, now facing an almost empty nest
Seated in my faith, family and friends and finding the silver linings
Aware of beauty found even in grief

Keeping you and your family in prayer

Ancient, but still a child.
The second of six children; we are three boys, three girls. All of us still close, but live far apart.
I'm a glutton for color, for food & life, for laughter. There's no color I wouldn't wear.
But my bedroom is blue, I love serenity.
My deepest regret: The love I didn't give, the attention I didn't pay, all the books I won't have time to read. & never enough time spent in France!
My beloved husband won't ever take an experimental vaccine (he works in an adjacent field) & I am terrified for him. We have explored therapeutics (yes there are a couple) and I pray for miracles for everyone. I've lost a cousin to this dreadful plague.
Thank you, Corey, for your beautiful writing.

Many-yeared (but not enough to be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination).
Grieving through and through for husband, recently and unexpectedly gone from living on Earth;
grateful for all I have had and have.
Facing abundant challenges, including pandemic isolation at a time I very much need contact with
other people in real life.
Lover of animals (wild and domestic).
A total water person; happiest when in (or, secondly, on) it.
Favorite colors: the saturated hues, particularly emerald green and deep purple).
Oldest of three siblings.
Parent of two children, grandmama of identical-twin toddler grandchildren (whom
I have not yet been able to meet).
Former flight attendant, then purser for Pan Am (when its flying was all international); former
attorney, then arbitrator of labor/employment disputes.
Went to law school full-time while flying: a complementary combination.
Lover of languages: have spent years trying to become conversant in French and Russian, also
studied three other languages.
Savorer of diversity in all respects.
Have lived in several places abroad; spent parts of three winters in the USSR, and one glorious
month driving around Kenya and Tanzania when the roads were dirt tracks (and there were no
Have the regrets voiced by Virginia (above).
Praying for continuing sustaining Grace for Corey.

Name: Jennifer Phillipps

Age 61 (62 in April)

Present-day feeling: Grateful that NZ is not in lockdown and we can do normal daily stuff and we have only lost 26 lives from Covid in NZ....long may that continue.

A color you would never wear - Purple

Favorite color: Turquoise
I also prefer to wear mostly black, sometimes grey......I like to use jewellery and accessories to add the colour, including Native American Turquoise jewels and creative pieces of wearable art.....black garments are so much easier to throw on and I like black against my fair skin and my blonde (ginger tendencies) but starting to show grey hair.....

One of 6 children, 3 of my siblings are adopted....I am the second oldest and had the greatest share of minding the young ones all through my growing up time.....and now still as my parents have now both passed away. I am a step-mum to two, though my step-daughter passed away quite young...she was a special needs person called Rhiannon.

Peace and wellness be with you all..... Jennifer

Corey !!! Permettez moi de faire appel Ă  vos souvenirs pas si lointains. Je me souviens d'une photo de vous sur laquelle vous Ă©tiez absolument rayonnante en Ă©tĂ© vĂȘtue d'une robe jaune. J'ai retrouvĂ© le jour ... et vous ?

Mon nom : Jeanne-Renée choisis pour le souvenir de mon grand-pÚre et de ma mÚre.

J'ai 58 ans nĂ©e dans l'ouest de la France issue du Bocage vendĂ©en. Le VendĂ©e Globe (Les Sables d'Olonne) est peut-ĂȘtre connu de vous ?

La couleur qui me rattrape bien souvent pour toutes les saisons c'est le vert et kaki de préférence (un rappel de mes yeux) ! La couleur que je laisse facilement de cÎté est le violet mais une touche n'est pas impossible.
Je travaille auprÚs des enfants en difficulté, depuis quelques années dans les écoles élémentaires aprÚs le collÚge et la maternelle.
J 'ai deux enfants. Une fille ainĂ©e, LeÏla 29 ans, devenue bergĂšre, jusqu'ici dans les Alpes de Haute Provence mais en partance pour la Suisse (Lukmanierpass) Ă  partir de mai. Elle a dĂ©crochĂ© ce poste parce qu'elle est bilingue et parle allemand. Quand elle ne vit pas sur Marseille elle peut vivre Ă  l'opposĂ© Ă  Douarnenez (Le FinistĂšre) et participe Ă  un chantier sur un bateau.
François a 24 ans étudiant à Rennes et porté par l'image: photographies, clips et cinéma. Il a vécu à Londres il y a 3 ans.
Alors Corey, avez-vous retrouvĂ© cette journĂ©e oĂč le jaune vous sied comme une merveilleuse couleur faites pour vous ?

In my second coming/coming of age.....emerging butterfly
At peace and seek beauty in daily life. Living in what feels like an alternate universe in a community Covid free paradise at the bottom of the world.
I never wear red but eternally search for the unattainable perfect red lipstick.
Love wearing all shades of green, natures gift.
About to enter another Autumn, my favourite time of year....promise to come
Close friend to my amazing mother and most experienced sibling of a sister and a brother....robbed of my father 16 yrs ago but will all eventually meet again.

Old woman. Family matriarch. Writer. Tutor of any grandchildren needing help with advanced mathematics. Loves grandchildren, chocolate, and overcoming challenges.

age 77 (and like another said "how the heck did that happen")
Present feeling is on a holding pattern, waiting for hugs.
Oldest child of one sister and one half sister and two half brothers.
Those halves didn't know they had two halves until I was 50 years.
Cannot wear chartreuse, but love seeing it.
I always said yellow was my favorite color because when I was growing up no one liked it and all the girls liked pink. Secretly I love red.
Love eating fruit, dried apricots, and chocolate, plus sipping a good cup of tea.

Age 61
I am the only living member of my family of origin, so I am well acquainted with life altering grief.
I do not wear orange.
I feel hopeful and weary.
My husband brings me espresso every morning.
I pray for eyes to see what a marvelous adventure life is.

Thinking of you with gratitude tonight, Corey!! Bless you.

Late 70s... how did that happen?
Married for almost 59 years...
Husband is gentle and kind, but now health problems...
Makes me sad... I pray and hope that he will get better...
Had three brothers, and only one living, who I love very much...
I love the color blue, especially turquoise... that is the
color of my eyes...
Cannot wear yellow, but I love yellow sunflowers...
Two sons, and two dear grandchildren... they are
like sunshine in our lives..........

Seasoned widow

Grieving my Daughter


Never plum

Aging is cruel


One older brother,deceased

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