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13 February 2021


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oh, how I recognize these feelings and my heart aches for you.
Right now the loss is all consuming and raw. Keep your memories of him right in front of you.


If I could magically transport to France, I'd love to take this walk with you.

Recently a little video you posted and I reshared popped up on FB memories. It was many sheep crossing the road. I love that scene. There is no timeline for grief. I also doubt anyone is waiting for a response from you or your mom to any condolences offered. You are correct.. what is needed is to be gentle with yourselves. That’s all and that is enough. Sending light snd love... Michelle

I send you love and compassion, dear heart.

Dear Corey, I know exactly how you feel. First my dad and then my mom passed, I attended their services and a few days later I was back to work. Everyone was engaged in their work and I was in a fog feeling the enormity of my loss. It was very difficult because the world continues and I was somewhere between earth and heaven where I believe my parents are. I can understand how in the old days, everyone took one year to morn the loss of a loved one. It took me about that long to feel normal again. It was almost torture for me to be at work when I felt this incredible sadness and people all around me were working, laughing, planning for the holidays. Even at church people were busy, busy, busy with church stuff and I felt totally disengaged. Take all the time you need to process your loss and go through the steps of grief. Only someone who as been through the loss of a loved one can truly understand the depths of sadness. Be kind to yourself and be alone in prayer and thought when you need to be. Time is a great healer.

When I saw the fattened sheep, I was reminded that the beginning of February is the Celtic Spring, Imbolc, when the sheep's milk comes in. Soon the little lambs will arrive. I was in Ireland once in March and one of the joys of my life was seeing those lambs romping, all four feet off the ground. Soon you, too, will have the chance to watch the lambs. I feel for you, Corey, each day as you continue to tell us your feelings and thoughts of loss, still sharing the beauty which you find, or which surrounds you. You don't realize how much your flowers and your family life have also helped me grieve my son's darling wife, her father and my husband's best friend, all this past year. May your mother and your entire family find peace at this time!

Dear Corey, My heart aches for you. You were so kind to me when I lost both my parents within three months of each other. I will never forget your kindness then and at other times. Writing thank you cards is so painful and everyone knows that you are grateful for their love. Be gentle with yourself and feel the love that we all have for you. Continuing to hold you in my thoughts and prayers, Carol

♥️ We carry them with us...We breathe for them, sing for them, soak up stories they cannot hear. We think, “They would have loved this...” And we smile for them, on their behalf.” Susan Fletcher, The Silver dark sea 🌙

Getting outside and walking and being in nature is indeed very healing. Walk in faith,knowing God and all of his angels are tenderly caring for those we love in Heaven.
Thanks for sharing your heart and all the beautiful photographs each day. We share your joys, your sorrows and walk beside you every step of the way.
You are never alone.
You have your precious grandson with you and your family.
Love and hugs and prayers for you all.
Love Jeanne

A sheep vineyard! What a beautiful place in which to begin healing.

Daily walks......always the best medicine♥️

What a wonderful sights to see on your walks. I do love a cluster of sheep.

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