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11 February 2021


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Dear Corey,

i haven't read your blog for a week, though i follow you on Facebook daily.
I'm on my desktop now which i prefer to view your photos and writing in full size,
with full force, my preference for the beauty and depth.

I'm thinking of you and your family, without Marty, but still with Marty.
how strongly we hold on and we must, for love holds true and forever.
How we bow down with grief that feels so alone. But we are not.

How one minute we are crying at the sink doing dishes, and the next moment
sharing a loving happy story with a dear one, holding onto life -
laughing and reliving our love that never ends.

i am still grieving with you.
i am often quiet, wordless.
many of us are.
but we are walking with you and loving you still.
and loving and missing Marty with you.


Grieving the loss of a loved one is painful, there's no way around it. Hard to know what to do with the feelings other than to just endure. I am sorry.

Dear Corey, i am so very sorry about you losing your brother Marty. My heart breaks for you and all your family. I cant help feeling a special grief for your dear mom as she has to endure this. My prayers are with you all.

No words, just love and more love sent your way.

Well said Jody...Corey, We all hold you in our hearts and minds and wish we could be nearer by.

OH, Corey, I am so sad for you and for your family. Please know you are in my heart and prayers. Your description of grief today mirrors what I felt last spring when my husband died. xoxoxo

I am so sorry for you, your Mother, Marty’s family, your brothers and their families. Thank goodness you can communicate with them often and instantly (except for time difference). Hold baby Gabriel even tighter and know that you are loved.

Words don't come easily. I offer my love and prayers, and just knowing others care so deeply
for you and your family may it help in some small way.
The depth of your grief is the depth of your love.
I feel your heartache more than you will ever know.
I send my love to you all

♥️ 🙏 when you’re sad, embrace Gabriel tighter!
Love to you and family 🥰

My dear Corey, I hope this gives you comfort...


If I could, I would hug you, friend. Since I cannot,
I hold you close in my prayers and send you love.

Dear Corey, I feel your heartache more than you know! Love, hugs and prayers to you and your family

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