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01 March 2021


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Ohhhhh! You can take a nap on it.
I have been wanting a napping sofa and this would be perfect.
Enjoy your boat. Sail away to dream land.

Corey, forgive me. I actually like this and think it's kinda stylish. ;-)

It looks fabulous and soft and comfortable.
Much love

It’s lovely!

Gorgeous colour, rich texture and looks very comfortable!! Great choice. I am sure you'll all enjoy it!

Perfect choice! Love everything about it.

You do NOT have to apologize !! It is gorgeous and looks great with your tile floors.
Ruth Gardner Lamere

Hello Corey.... Love the Sofa !!!! But, that little man of yours is the "cats meow". Blessings to all of you for your Love that has created such a wonderful Human :)

Fabulous color!

Oh how I do love a good velvet snooze zone and this new sofa of yours fits the bill! Great colour and a great new design name for it "The Boat - Bateau"...you can definitely go off to dream land in it. Cheers from NZ. JP

I love it too!! I'm all for a cozy couch!! Love the velvet!!

I love your new boat!! 😍

Oh! I struggle with the desire for beauty and elegance in decor but the need for comfort (and to please all the very tall children and my new son-in-law too) in a sofa and furnishings. I want both! Getting ready to make a change in the sofa department, I think you just helped me with that decision. 😉

Oh Corey it is a beautiful design and color❤️ Now you need a TV to sit and watch from that beautiful sofa while eating a hot dog, fries and beer🤪😂

It's gorgeous. Love the color and I have struggled with old Queen Anne sofas and comfort for the family also. I gave in to comfort but with beautiful textiles. You too can throw some toile pillow covers on, a little lace too. And think of ALL the books you will read to your grandchildren on that BIG, COMFORTABLE couch!! That is the BEST thing!

Love it. Very velvety and cozy with cushions to die for. Great color too. Room for everyone on that family couch. Sounds like perfection to me.

I love the blue velvet...but, more I will always love the story that Dave delights in telling about his friends in France & the world's most uncomfortable couch. As he explains how Yann told this story to him.
Truly I love the couch, but, the other was truly fabulous to look at. Its funny what we do to please our family and what matters and doesn't matter as we age. Enjoy that grand baby! They grow too fast!

Oh la la! That color is just wonderful!! Enjoy your new comfort!😘

Love this - the fabric and color and cushions. Many years ago, I decided that our couches and chairs would be comfortable. So I limited my antiques to "case" pieces and serving ware as well as decorative items. That worked best with my family and husband!

Although I always had a few antique chairs as accents.

Love it! Hope it came with stain remover! (We recently bought a new sofa too, but because we have grandsons, we went with a design, cause we are too lazy to deal with stain remover.)

It’s beautiful! I know you have made your family very happy by giving in to their desires. But, I hope it will grow on you too. The color is fabulous.

My little mum once had a pretty blue velvet sofa. Yours brings happy memories. All I could think when I saw yours was how excited Yann must be about taking naps on it. ☺️

haha...in america that would be a mini-van.
sacrifice :o)

Love, love, love it . . . c'est tres beau :)

I love it!!

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