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12 March 2021


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Oh the joys of seeing and experiencing life through the eyes of a child!

Such sweet and treasured times to tuck away in your heart. 💕

So stinking cute that little sponge!

Well who wouldn't want to watch trains coming and going!
Sweet. What a darling he is.

The little boys in my life have all LOVED anything with wheels. I remember driving home with my baby boy from the hospital and thinking that all the construction around the hospital would disturb him. A couple of years later we'd be hunting for construction sites because he loved them so much.

Such a rich life Gabriel will have, surrounded by the love of his parents and grandparents. All of you together will bring a of love of nature. You will open the world through travel and storytelling. He will learn to love all things old and slightly dog eared. And then there is his uncle.. He will LOVE hanging out with Sasha. Thank you all for sharing this journey with us.

All that lovely baby skin, and the crossed legs! And his absorption in his book. How delightful that you got to take him to Watch! Trains!!! Way to thrill him, grandma! (What’s your “grandma name” btw?)

This has just made my day.
Thank you!

Such a little man. He's so focused.

Darling boy!
Thanks for sharing, these posts are delightful.

Susan in Zurich

I'm taking grandmother lessons from you (for when I finally get to meet my 2 grandbabies). Taking Gabriel to the train station: genius!

A little cherub❤The excitement of trains for small children,and actually sitting in one! Loved taking mine on one,my brother is still a train driver,lucky if he was "on"! Great times for you with Gabriel!

COrey —- you must surely be enchanted every single moment with Gabriel —- what joy!

Ah, yes, things with wheels. My youngest grandson would fly to the window on trash day when the garbage truck came. Another grandson was enthralled with Thomas the train. Nothing like the wonderment of life and the love of books thru a child’s eye.

Big toys for big boys.How wonderful to see Gabriel grow and discover the world around him.

Just wondering is he read to in French or English?

At Gabriels age my grandson loved this exactly same book with trucks. Then there was the dinosaur stage where he had them all memorized. So much fun! Now he reads for himself.

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