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20 March 2021


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I too love lace and monogrammed things
I love all you share and thanks for taking such lovely photographs for us always and sharing your heart.
Love Jeanne

I don't wear it, but now I'm wondering if there's some baby due somewhere for whom I could buy an antique gown.

i am sort of into lace- those new undergarments are SO PRETTY - I would buy them and wait to wear instead if seizing the moment and wearing them when I felt the desire to. My obsession is sewing threads on wooden spools- all colors - all sizes- I am not a sewer crafter artist of anything as such. This obsession has had a few sprouts- wooden bobbins with wool still on from the mill in upstate Pennsylvania- homemade pin cushions some with little tiny Chinese men not as the cushion but adding to cushion -I do not believe them to be old- needles in packets made in England and trims too some are lace - which has spurred the latest truly mad man hunt GLASS BUTTONS - some sparkle like diamonds and a side crush colored buttons not black but blue and pink and green like depression glass - lace is growing on me.

Corey we need to shop together. I could pass piles of lace and not even notice that they are there. It is just not on my radar. But paintings are...That 37 euros ensemble comes with "shoes" - but everything completely matches, which I find odd.

I am obsessed with beautiful ribbon, old and new. I have purchased exquisite ribbons in Paris in the past. Some I can’t part with and others find their onto presents for my women friends. I also collect antique postcards of birds. Some I can’t part with. Others I tuck under ribbon on presents as special decoration or use as a large gift tag. I am a birder so it makes sense that I leave behind a bird. I find most of them at antique shows and once a year they have a postcard show and sale here in Portland.

I always say lace & ribbons find me. I don't look for them but I always find it. Even thought I don't use it, it is kind of dreamy to look at and imagine what it could be. I have quite a stash that I need to part with someday.

Sweet,feminine, kind of retro under garments if everything is 'pert'. If one is 75 yrs old and is as svelte as the Michelin Man...we move from the sublime to the ridiculus.

LACE,Iabsolutely love.Sometimes I use it on childrens clothing, or little sleep pillows or lavendar bags.Mostly, I hoard it, admire it, think of its past and its future possibilities ...and mine as well.

Chère Corey,

So happy to read your fun-filled blog today (really missed it yesterday, which we discussed via IG) and seeing your beautiful photos. Hm, I may try stitching some lace onto pillowcases or, tea towels as gifts (am a professional seamstress from decades ago but will need to brush up on some stitches!) as American hubby hates anything antique.

Enjoy your Sunday and as soon as we can travel a bit, come visit the Nice brocante on most Monday mornings (when we're not confined!).

Bon dimanche,

Yes, into lace as often as possible.

I, too, am a vintage lace lover. I work in the sewing industry and was heavily influenced by aunties who were gifted painters, milliners, seamstresses as well as a Granny who taught me to sew on her treadle. Anything that harkens back to when they were first learning tugs at my heart. I was told that the long, slim lengths of hand tatting that can be found were actually the result of front porch, after dinner "contests" between neighbors who rested after the evening meal, watching the sun go down, visiting. I always honor and buy tatting, and it is indestructable.

Vintage lace pillowcases are my passion. If they are hand monogrammed, so much the better! Sweet dreams always come resting your head on the age softened cotton fibers. And yes, I do press them smooth with lavender scented starch. Nothing better...

I love old lace and in general handwork. I admire the talent to create the pieces, and I can’t stand seeing them just laying there in sales. The hours it took to make the pieces, the conversations had during those hours. They’re priceless. I’m lucky enough to have a few pieces my great grandmothers made.

Antique lace is so gorgeous it is hard to resist. I have a few wrapped around a card that I love, but don't use. Sometimes an old button or two also attracts me.

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