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15 March 2021


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On the day you were born
On the night you were born
The Giving Tree

The Cat in The Hat books
You are My Happy Hoda Kotb
I'll love you forever
The Polar Express
Hama Hama Red Pajama
just to name a few for all ages.
A growing library is a wonderful thing for a child

Anything by Richard Scarry.

I have 4 grandchildren,3 boys and 1 girl. I can tell you what their favorite book has been because of how ragged and used it’s become over the years.
“The Ultimate Book of Vehicles from around the world.” That’s the name. The authors are Anne-Sophie Baumann and Didier Balicevic. I’m guessing Gabriel might like it too.

Poppy and Vivaldi, Poppy and Mozart, Poppy and the Orchestra

All of the Poppy books!!!! My grandson is obsessed with these. He loves that there are sounds when you push buttons throughout the story.


I will send you these via amazon france. I loved seeing Gabriel look for the back hoe. For the others interested see below. I love and miss you so!

All in a Day by Cynthia Rylant. https://www.amazon.com/All-Day-Cynthia-Rylant/dp/1419726129/ref=sr_1_2?crid=293W6MPWVNJQX&dchild=1&keywords=all+in+a+day+book&qid=1615841986&sprefix=all+in+a+day%2Caps%2C227&sr=8-2 In

The Napping House https://www.amazon.com/Napping-House-board-book/dp/0544602250/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1N50GQRWM64Z3&dchild=1&keywords=in+the+napping+house&qid=1615841930&sprefix=in+the+napping+%2Caps%2C216&sr=8-1 https://www.amazon.com/Napping-House-board-book/dp/0544602250/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1N50GQRWM64Z3&dchild=1&keywords=in+the+napping+house&qid=1615841930&sprefix=in+the+napping+%2Caps%2C216&sr=8-1

All The Places To Love by Patricia McLauglin it will quietly creep in and steal your heart. You will love the multigenerational family celebrating their love of home and each other. Beautiful illustrations. All the Little Bear books were beloved by my crew too. There is a catalog called Chinaberry that does an excellent job of describing the book, age/ subject appropriateness and has some great suggestions. 🍾

My granddaughter loved these three by Sandra Boynton -
Snuggle Puppy
Moo, Baa, La,La,La
Your Personal Penguin
Little Blue Truck. By Alice Scertle

A few more-
Mouse Count. Ellen Stoll Walsh
Goodnight Gorilla Peggy Rothmann. ( a favorite)
I Kissed the Baby. Mary Murphy
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Men Fox

The Julia Donaldson books, The Gruffalo being the famous one but she has loads, our favourites are The Snail and the Whale, Charlie Cook's Favorite books, Room on the Broom....

I loved reading the Sandra Boynton books to Winslow and Luke's favorite book (20 years ago) was One Yellow Lion. I loved that one because it is an introduction to letter, numbers and colors. Room on the Broom is GREAT!

The Velveteen Rabbit is certainly a classic!
No David series by David Shannon are hilarious!

My 3 yr old grandson loves the Little Blue Truck series. He also loves a “Poke-a-Dot” book about ocean creatures that teaches counting with little clear plastic dots that correspond to the number of creatures on each page. He pokes the dots, they make a popping noise ( like popping bubble wrap). He reads it over and over and over, with or without me. Genius book. Teaches w visual, text, and tactile. There is at least one other Poke a Dot book, I know.

Someone suggested Hama Hama, Red Pajama.......I think they might mean Llama Llama, Red Pajama. Anything by Eric Carle, most notably The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear,Brown Bear What do you see?, Curious George. These, I think, are appropriate for his age....my grandaughter loves them and she is just one month older than Gabriel.

P.S. I have NEVER been able to read I'll Love You Forever without tearing up. Even to my students, let alone my daughter. Happy reading!

The Little Engine That Could, by Watty Piper.

I second the Richard Scarry books, especially the Best Word Book, Ever. My five also loved the Little Bear Books, by Elsie Holmelund Minarek. They loved poems, like "Read Aloud Rhymes for the very Young, selected by Jack Prelutsky.

The Frog and Toad are Friends (Me and Maria Giovanni); Dr Seuss, of course; loved Madeline and Pippi Longstocking; finally the BEST......any Pop-up Books, always my Favorite, my Dad still buys them for me when he finds them in an old book store or old toy shop. POP-UPS ARE THE BEST !!!!!!

Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day by Judith Viorst. We read it so often that it's like code between us.

The wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame. Story of mr toad, mr badger and Rattiej

Some of these may be out of print, but here goes:
Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell and Lillian Hoban
Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig
Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile by Tomis de Paola
The Frog and Toad books by Arnold Loebal
Little Bear series by Else Homelund Minarik
Dr. DeSoto by William Steig
Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann
The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown
Corey, I could go on and on. Retired librarian here. Make sure you get these three chapter books for when he gets older. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, Skinnybones by Barbara Park, and Because of Winn Dixie by Kate diCamillo(get this for you too!)

I love these books. Both you and Gabriel will love these!
Give a shout if you want more.☺️

Of course there is Winnie the Pooh, AA Milne...wonderful stuff...we have a series of books here in NZ about a naughty dog and they are written by a lady called Lynley Dodd...details below:

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy[1] first published in 1983, is the first and most well-known of a series of books by New Zealand author Lynley Dodd featuring Hairy Maclary.[2] His adventures are usually in the company of his other animal friends who include the dachshund Schnitzel von Krumm. His arch-enemy is the tomcat Scarface Claw.

Written for pre-school children, it has become a classic bedtime storybook in New Zealand and Australia,[3][4][5] and Lynley Dodd's books, including this one, dominate the children's section of the Premier New Zealand Bestsellers list.[citation needed]

The order of introduction of the dogs is:

Hairy Maclary, a small dog of mixed pedigree,however bearing a similar resemblance to a Scottish Terrier,
Hercules Morse, a Mastiff,
Bottomley Potts, a Dalmatian,
Muffin McLay, an Old English Sheepdog,
Bitzer Maloney, a Whippet,
Schnitzel Von Krumm, a Dachshund....a Kiwi Classic as they say!

You might like to check out www.adamscloud.com a lovely range of stories from birth upwards,poignant story behind the author,worth a read.

The Mo Willems books about Elephant and Piggie are huge hits! He has written a whole series, beginning with There’s a Bird on Your Head, You will enjoy reading them as much as Gabriel will enjoy listening to them. Willems is the new Dr. Seuss.

Blueberries for Sal

Some more from Maryland:
Just Me and My Mom (many books by Mercer Mayer)
Growing Vegetable Soup & others by Lois Ehlert(very graphic colors)
Henry & Mudge books (for BIG dog lovers)
Spot (first book about a dog)
Clifford the Big Red Dog books
The Hungry Caterpillar and other Eric Carle books
I would add that reading long stories to young children is good for teaching patience and listening skills also and NOT having to turn pages all the time.

Our grandson loves all the books by Elsa Beskow. Take a peek at them and you might fall in love with them too!

Corey, I emailed you some of my favorites. Such a world of children’s literature out there. As a retired kindergarten teacher and grandmother, the love of books is the best gift for a child. Enjoy those delicious snuggle reading times!

Llama Llama Red Pyjama and Dear Zoo are two of my grandkids favourites

All of the above are great. As I retired primary teacher I always used Rocket Learns to Read and Rocket Learns to Write by Tad Hills. Any Caldicott Award winner will be sure to please.

If Everybody Did by Jo Ann Stover -- This book was a gift to me almost sixty years ago and I have since bought it for my own grandchildren. It continues to bring smiles and giggles.

Chicka chicka boom boom - ****
Bear books by Karma Wilson
Frog and Toad books - Lobel
Froggy books - London
Eric Carle books
Richard Scarry books - great for kids who love cars and trucks

All oldies but goodies

By the way - as a retired librarian, I noticed lots of great suggestions

The “Little Bear” series by Else Holmelund Minarik, they are loving and kind. And, bonus!, they are illustrated by Maurice Sendak. I agree the “Llama, Llama...” series is delightful. There is something about the syntax...children love having them read aloud to them...over and over again! 📚 ❤️

The Tiger Who came to Tea by Judith Kerr is consistently the favourite children's book in the UK. Also same author the Mog series - children find them hilarious. The Alfie series by Shirley Hughes are very popular also same author Dogger.


A book written by an author from New Zealand called the Wonky Donkey. It is hilarious and then one can go on line and listen to the song as well.

Go to cupofjo.com.....it's partially a mommy blog and always has recommendations for
children's books. Click on the search at the top and put in 'children's books'.... a lot
of posts on the subject come up.

The Wheels on the Bus
Llama Llama Red Pajama

Any and all Beatrix Potter. All things Frog and Toad -Arnold Lobel. And while were at it Lobel's 'The Man Who Took the Indoors Out' is a favourite!

'The Snowman' -Raymond Briggs (No words just illustrations, which encourages the child to narrate what happens in the story from their interpretation of what they see happening. Fabulous.)

'Good Dog Carl' -Alexandra Day (another 'no words' series about Carl the dog and Little Madeleine)

'The Story of Ferdinand' -Munro Leaf (Born and raised to be a fighting bull, Ferdinand is happier being himself.)I loved it, my kids loved it, and now my gkids love Ferdinand.

'Marshmallow' -Clare Turlay Newberry (Caldecott Honour, true story about friendship) as the name implies, a sweet story.

'Strega Nona' -Tomie dePaola (Strega Nona leaves Big Anthony alone with her pasta pot...in the end it all works out but ya, the whole town gets involved!) hen I first read it, I presumed I would be just as Strega Nona when I became a Gramma...

'The Napping House' -Audrey Wood and Don Wood (everyone in the house needs a nap...in one bed, including the pets.) We've all been there.

'My Papi Has a Motorcycle' -Isabel Quintero (True story of the daughter of a migrant worker in Corona CA who comes home each night and takes his daughter on a ride through their hometown.) Endearing, and takes place in the town I am currently living, and it doesn't hurt that Yann rides.

For Barbara, I decided to check out the Wonky Donkey song and all 3 of my grandsons were in the room... juuust mercy, hahah! 13, 9, and 7 they were ROLLING! And now they are trying to sing it, and it's hilarious!

You Are My I Love You: board book
by Maryann Cusimano Love and Satomi Ichikawa
Bear Snores On (Board book)
by Karma Wilson
Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich Paperback
by Adam Rex (Author)
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
by Linda D. Williams and Megan Lloyd
Bedtime for Bunnies (Peek-a-Board Books(TM)) Board book

Thank you for sharing such a lovely photo of Gabriel reading his book.
These are some of our tried-and-true family favorites:
> Brian Wildsmith | ABC; Wild Animals; Zoo Animals. His illustrations are inventive and colorful.
> Kevin Henkes | Owen
> Bruce Degan | Jamberry
> Byron Barton | Trains; Trucks; Boats; Planes; Machines at Work
> Dr. Seuss | My Many Colored Days
> Eric Carle | Dream Snow
> Emily Gravett | Dogs; Orange Pear Apple Bear
> I.C. Springman | More
> Rod Campbell | Dear Zoo
> Nina Laden | Peek A Who?

Green Eggs and Ham ... Suess
Frog and Toad ... all of them
Make Way for Ducklings
The Runaway Bunny
Richard Scary word and story books
Father Fox's Penny Rhymes .. Watson
One Fine Day
Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel
Blueberries for Sal
The Story of Ping .... Flack

my kids still talk about these when we "remember when" (they are now in their late forties)

the little engine that could
the little island
when they're older---any of the hugh lofting dr dolittle, pippi longstockings
wynken, blynkin and nod

Oh What a Busy Day, by Gyo Fujikawa is a huge favorite in our house.
Anything by Arnold Lobel, especially Mouse Soup and Frog and Toad.
Happy reading with your sweet little one!

Jamberry by Bruce Degan is a great read-aloud for Gabriel’s age. The illustrations are very colorful and it almost reads as a song. Another favorite is The Maggie B by Irene Haas, another song-like book with gorgeous watercolor illustrations.

The Wind In The Willows
The Secret Garden
Charlotte's Web
Black Beauty
All the Black Stallion books

but I think he would enjoy these when he is a bit older. Wind in the Willows you could start to read to him maybe at 3 or 4. The others maybe at age 5 and over.

The series of Little Bear books

Little Bear is a series of children's books, primarily involving the interaction of Little Bear and Mother Bear, written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Initially, the stories were simple, but eventually became more sophisticated in subsequent books as the plot and characters expanded.

My son and I read them hundreds of times.They were soft in spirit and slow and rhythmic also, so great for naps and bedtime. I started these when he was one, although I actually began reading to him in utero.He attended kindergarten-his first day reading James and the Giant Peach at fifth grade level. We practiced nothing, we just read all the time, and it becomes as natural as learning to speak. I still read a book a day now at 67, and he is 35 and never has time to read for pleasure. Your Gabriel is amazingly beautiful. You are all blessed.

I second many recommendations here. When mine were little I loved to read these out loud too (sometimes I still do if they let me, they're all teens now):
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman
Time for Bed by Mem Fox and Jane Dyer
I Went Walking by Sue Williams and Julie Vivas
(the illustrators are important!)
When their attention span was a bit longer, I still enjoy these:
How to Make an Apple Pie and see the world by Marjorie Priceman
anything by Barbara Reid.

Miss Twiggley's Tree by Dorothea Warren Fox

Miss Suzy is a good book. I think it's won some awards.

the Babar series is also wonderful and tres francais.

Where is the Green Sheep

Little Blue Truck and others in that series.

Dear Zoo

The Going to bed book

the Little Critter Series of books

The Berenstain Bears books

There’s a Nightmare in my closet. and several other similar stories about handling fear.

Most of the Sandra Boynton books

Guess How Much I love you

Many of these are on YouTube. I have liked these, and most of the others sent to you.

Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch. And it a a few million books are available at b-ok.org
But you’re gonna cry, Grandma!

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