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17 March 2021


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i see through my browser -no post yesterday but the post before looking for book suggestions for the baby G

Hi Corey, I see the rose through my browser.

Same as g. I can see this post with roses through my browser. No post yesterday but the book suggestion post came through 2 days ago.

I can see this darling one...............I can see the rose on top and your comments
Love Jeanne

I see the rose, but I can't smell it...

Oh Jackie, I can IMAGINE smelling that rose!

Yes, I see the roses.

All good here same as everyone else. Gabriel picture not coming up today from the book request post though.

On Chrome, I see roses as lovely as this blog!

I can see the rose, on my browser

I can see the rose on my browser. Saw "Baby Gabriel" yesterday, but not today.

I read your blog on Feedly. I see you ♥️

Hi, Corey~ I see the red roses via my browser, but there was no post from 3/16. ~D

Yes, visible on Feedly.

Susan in Zurich

Got it!

Seeing you!xoox

I see the red rose on y browser but no post from yesterday.

I see beautiful red roses using my browser. No post yesterday.

I see the red roses Corey on chrome

Yes, can see this but not the one for today 18th March (that is NZ time), it is not showing up yet on your site? Jennie

Yes, Corey I can see the beeeautiful red rose on my e-mail.

Hi from Perth!
A favourite early childhood book in our family is: "Each Peach Pear Plum".

I don’t think that I’ve missed any lately. Always read,but don’t always comment.
Love the rose!

Yes I see the rose. Looking forward to my own

Roses came through by email.

I can see it on my email subscription

I see it on email.

I got it in an email.couldn’t comment there, but opened in my browser and can comment.

Corey, I see it via my email subscription.

Tout est normal pour moi . Belle journée Corey.

See the Roses...... working here

No problem viewing in my normal email post from you.

Seen both in email and web - merci!

Rose posting came via email.

I can see the rose and also the beautiful yellow forsithia... such lovely photos, thankyou Corey. Ro xx

Rose photo visible dated 17th on Chrome.

I’m able to see both in email and your site.....

Beautiful roses. Came to my email just like every day🌺❤️👏👏

Yes it still comes to my email everyday!

Your post came to my email as usual. Thanks!

First through e mail and then blog. Beautiful photograph

As always starting my day reading your post in my email. ❤️

I received it through email subscription


I can see this fine on my browser - xox

Hi Corey,
I read your blog everyday. I so enjoy it!


I can see the roses as well.

Haven't missed one email... and now see it on the blog

All through email, including today.

Yes am seeing this post through my email. Yesterday i saw the post but was unable to comment.

Got it today, friend!

Yes, I can see on both! Thank you!

I've been seeing your posts and photos every day, including today, through my e-mail and on Facebook -- and every day I've been sending you and all your family my wishes for strength and courage and loving memories as you wade through this time of mourning.

Seen in mail and browser.

Yes, didn't work yesterday but is in my email and on Firefox, and Microsoft Edge today. However, I cannot comment when I read it on the Firefox browser. Only on Edge.

Can see through email—thank you!

Seeing it in my browser

i can see your post thru both email feed and browser. i have not had any problems, ever. i look forward to it each day!

Email works

My email subscription is fine,thank you!

Good morning! Red rose showing via e mail.

Beautiful roses Corey!

Hi Corey. The post was visible. Thank you for continuing to inspire the best in your readers!

Yup..got the red roses! 🌈🌷

I’m late to read it, but came thru perfect here in Oregon.


Got it in my email as usual.

I see this on the Bloglovin app.

I see it.

Came thru on e-mail. ❤❤❤

I received your posts each day this week, including photo by Permilion, March 16 and the Roses, dated March 17. The URL reads feedblitz.

Can see this post - red roses


I got the link via email and it works online for me as well. I use Chrome as my browser, if that helps.

Seems fine to be seeing these lovely red roses. Have a lovely day !

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